Decorative ideas for a NO-GRASS pool zone!!

November 9, 2023

Having a backyard fibreglass pool is a wonderful feeling, but there are several other things that you need to take care of before you start enjoying your summer baths.

Grassy lawns are a thing of past with so many new vibrating ideas to follow, you don’t need to worry if your backyard isn’t accommodating grass well.

This could be for many reasons like your soil’s inability to nurture lush grassy greenery or due to design or just procrastination on your part.

Beauty and elegance can still be achieved for your backyard.

Greenery in an easier way

Maintaining a lawn isn’t easy but a few plants and flowers not only look good but are fairly easy to manage as well.
Use various sized pots and plants to create a visual appeal, throw some color by adding colorful flowers to your yard.
Use herb wreaths or moss to fill in your stoneway.

Stone & Concrete

You can add various textures and colors to your floor like paint to canvas using stones and marbles. Pavers and concrete can also be used to create customized walkways.

Stones, slabs are a good option as well for construction of walking paths.

You can lay down stone from the edge of your house to your pool, add water feature to make it look more ethereal.

Water Features

Adding water feature or a fire feature could be exactly what your backyard fibreglass pool needs.

Your pool could be a relaxing get-away for you to enjoy at night with a fire feature to create beautiful contrasts.

Go for grass alternatives

Don’t want to deal with dirt and grass both then get your backyard some grass alternative fillers like pine straw or mulch.

These look perfect for flower beds while you can border your walkways using pebbles and rocks.

Easy and quick solutions to fill the empty spaces whilst looking good.

If you’ve more such ideas, don’t forget to share them in the comments section below.