Different Varieties of Swimming Pools

November 10, 2023

Everyone loves pools, especially during the hot months. You cannot keep kids or even pets away from it once the temperature goes up. Now that your dream of owning a pool is becoming a reality, it’s time to think about what kind of pool it’s going to be!

Below are some different styles of swimming pools you can consider:

  1. Beach entry or Zero-entry pool. If you have kids in the house, this is a safe and convenient feature. This type of pool allows kids to enter the pool gradually.
  2. Regular pools. These are pools of average size. They are the most common.
  3. Lap pools. These pools are long, skinny, and rectangular. They are perfect for swimming those laps away. Lap pools are great for people who want to swim for fitness or rehabilitation. It can also double as a regular pool, for small groups of people.
  4. Infinity edge pools. These pools give the illusion of the edge continuing into the sea or falling off the cliff. These pools are very popular and add an extra dimension to your pool.
  5. Saltwater pools. These are pools for those who do not wish to use chemicals such as chlorine for keeping their pool water clean.
  6. Plunge pools. These pools are designed to provide a small space to cool off. They are great for small courtyards or backyards.
  7. Spools or Swim spas. These pools are smaller, but hey can be heated up at a higher temperature than a regular pool.
  8. Exercise pools. These pools have moving water you that allows you to swim against as resistance providing great exercise.
  9. Screened in pools. These pools are common in places which have regular encounters with the local wildlife or insects.
  10. In-door pools. An in-door pool is ideal in areas with cold climate. They can be heated up according to your preferred temperature.

So which one is your favourite? Whatever kind of pool you choose, make sure it’s a My Fibreglass Pool Easy pool. It is the pool worth your time and money.