Different swimming pools for different uses

November 10, 2023

A swimming pool comes in different sizes, shapes and types. From this you no doubt decide which type of pool you would like based on how you plan to use it. They may be used as a wading, lap, plunge, family or exercise pool. My Fibreglass Pool Easy offers a wide range of pools to suit the needs of you and your family. Listed are a range of Fibreglass Pools for you to decide upon:

  • Plunge pools are rather small, about 3 x 3 metres in size but look bigger than spas. They are more popularly used as a landscape feature to enhance the backyard, with features like waterfalls, wet edges and blade edges. A great option for entertaining in a small area.
  • Family pools measure around 8 x 4 metres and are usually used for recreational reasons with family and friends. It’s useful for keeping kids active, for exercising and for taking a quiet, relaxing dip.
  • Lap pools are long at about 8.5 x 3 metres and are thinner than family pools. They are great for keeping fit. While its lap section is devoid of obstacles like steps, its sides are straight without angles for safe swimming.
  • Courtyard Pools compliment a medium sized backyard or are popular for indoor installations. At a maximum size of 6.5 X 2.5 metres they can be perfect for multipurpose use. The inclusion of several steps allows for an area perfect for those with accessibility problems or small children.
  • Classic pools are the all round pool perfect for those who want a segment piece in their backyard. With a maximum size of 10.5 X 4.2 metres, this range includes end steps for entertains while being long enough to swim laps or keep the kids playing at the other end while you watch on.

Our range of different styles and sizes allows you to buy and install the perfect Fibreglass Pool for you or your family’s needs. If you are unsure about what Fibreglass Pool may be best for you, please give one of our friendly sales team professionals a call on 1300 30 60 11 and they will be able to talk your options through with you.