Pool safety: Importance of choosing a suitable diving board

November 9, 2023

If you’re a hard core swimmer, you must have some great flips and moves up your sleeves while swimming in a pool. Obviously you’ll want a diving board for your newly installed fibreglass pool but before you go on to do so, read about the following issues regarding a diving board:-


Most common problem that people face when installing a board is inadequate pool size. The pool has to be deep enough so that divers don’t hit their head at the bottom and wide enough that they don’t spring into the wall. These are real major issues and have taken many lives worldwide.

Due to these safety hazards, many pool builders avoid installing a diving board altogether. Nobody wants to deal with a lawsuit in case any mishap were to happen. You should discuss this early in the process as it could be a major point in deciding which pool builder are you going to hire.

Cost and other expenses

Having a diving board may also significantly add to your homeowners insurance rates. Make sure to call your company beforehand to be sure if that is the case. Increment in your insurance premiums along with the cost of the board itself could very well be the deciding factor whether you are genuinely interested in getting a board or not.
Diving boards may range from 300$ – 1000$ or more. This does not include the cost of installation which is absolutely required to be done by a professional.

Another big expense is the adjustments you’re probably going to need to make in your pool design. If your pool is already perfect in every aspect like length, width and depth to accommodate your board then this cost is avoidable. If not so, then you have some major construction and expenditure ahead of you.

In the end, if you’re going to install a diving board; be careful about the safety features provided on your board like a non-slippery surface.