Forget the hotel and holiday in your own backyard

November 10, 2023

Have you had your heart set on transforming your backyard with a long time dream of installing a Fibreglass Pool? Yet, with holidays coming up quick you’ve already promised your family a relaxing vacation. Surely you can’t have both, or can you?

What about this for a great idea to satisfy everyone, what if you get your fibreglass swimming pool installed and treat your family to a staycation? The high costs of travel, hotels, restaurant meals and entertainment can take a hefty chunk out of your Fibreglass Pool savings account. A staycation would no doubt help you save a substantial amount, which could easily equal the equivalent of a down payment on your pool or more.

Staycations are all about transitioning from everyday hectic life into vacationesque type things, such as sleeping late, local sightseeing etc.

Let’s explore fun ideas for holidaying in your poolside paradise.

Water Volleyball Tournament

Pool volleyball sets are inexpensive and easy to install. Get some healthy family competition going with a tournament or just goof around and have fun. Water adds another dimension to this active sport, it is low impact and everyone can get in on the fun.

Throw a Poolside Party

Give your favourite people a shout-out to come and help break in your new Fibreglass Swimming Pool. An Aussie Barbecue is the perfect way to enjoy warm, sunny afternoons and also what’s better than to spend time relaxing with the people you love.

Hot Tip: Use the paper plates and plastic wear to avoid the clean up so you can sit back and enjoy the good times roll on.

Go on an Outing

Schedule short breaks from swimming during your staycation think what you would normally do out on vacation. See the local sights again, visit the park or beach or see a movie. Doing this can keep costs down while still allowing quality time with your family.

Take the Time to Relax

Make sure to schedule in a bit of ‘me’ time after all you have earned it. Grab a good book or watch your favourite movie knowing your family is having a blast at the same time

Remember, a staycation really is perfect for reconnecting with your family unit, and thanks to your new Fibreglass Swimming Pool nobody will ever say “I’m bored”. Sounds good doesn’t it!

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