Eco-Friendly Pool is the Buzzword Among New Australian Homes

November 9, 2023

Sounds interesting right! And why not, when the world is going “Eco-Friendly” to reduce carbon footprints, then how can the fibreglass pool industry be left behind.

Australian pool manufacturers are building ‘natural’ pools to make the lives of individuals healthier and safer. By the term ‘natural’, I mean swimming pools that are self-sustainable in every aspect. It means today’s fibreglass swimming pools require very little maintenance due to the non-porous finish on the surface. It hinders the formation of algae and moss.

The anti-microbial properties do all the trick. Therefore, less amount of soft chemicals or detergents are required to clean the surface.  In the present times, almost all pool manufacturers in Australia have come up with automatic fibreglass pool cleaners that filter the water, when required. It not only reduces electricity consumption but keeps the water 100% FREE from bacteria and allergens.

Since modern-day inground swimming pools are not made from any kind of steel mesh or fabricated by steel wires, there’s isn’t any chance of chemicals or rust seeping through leaks. Previously, it used to happen as the pool grew old. It is now a thing of the past.  

Ways of Creating an Environment-Friendly Pool

  1. Installing Solar Panels for Heating
  2. Using 100% Chemical-FREE Components for Cleaning
  3. LED Lighting Installing Auto-Cleaning or Self-Cleaning Systems
  4. Installing Auto-Chlorinator  

Eco-Friendly pools are NOT the pools of tomorrow, but it is for today. If this generation is safe, there’s hope that the future generation will survive. And, it is inground fibreglass pools that are playing its part of a Good Samaritan, helping residences and individuals lead a healthy lifestyle.

Go Chemical Free, Go Green!  

Be it cleaning the swimming pool surface or the pool deck, try using ‘extra mild’ chemicals and soft detergents. If possible, DO NOT use any chemicals at all. Moss-filtration technology and natural filter helps in cleaning the dirt automatically.

The present-day fibreglass pools are a great way to enjoy a bacteria-free and allergen-free lifestyle. Parents can now recommend their child a splash in the private pool, any time of the day. And when fibreglass pool cleaning is sans any chemicals, life ought to be safe and healthy.  

Eco-Friendly fibreglass swimming pools in Australia are becoming increasingly popular among new homeowners. Since individuals aspire to contribute their bit, in the area of minimizing global warming and reversing the phenomenon of climate change, they are finding an answer in fibreglass pools.

The incorporation of the latest pool building technology with the use of pristine quality ‘virgin’ raw materials has contributed to their part. And, there’s always a scope for Australian fibreglass pool owners to create their own eco-friendly pools in ingenious ways. A little bit of innovation is required. Such as planting small hedges and bushes around, which helps in purifying the air surrounding the pool. This provides a natural feel. Eco-Friendly swimming pools not only reduces maintenance costs but help live healthier.


As more and more people are becoming health conscious, they are always thinking about a healthy product at home. And when it comes to selecting a private pool and installing it in a backyard, fibreglass is probably the best option. Vinyl Liner and Concrete is a thing of the past. Fibreglass in IN! What do you think?