Features Of Automatic Safety Covers

November 10, 2023

Your very own fibreglass pool is an investment. It is a great venue for cooling down, parties, or barbecues, but how do you protect it? Have you ever stopped to think that if you protect your pool effectively enough, you end up protecting your household as well?

An automatic safety cover effectively creates a thick, tight barrier over your pool. Unlike other covers, high quality auto safety covers should be strong enough so not to be penetrated by a pet or a child. Many vendors offer custom made covers for your pool. You can even choose your preferred colours, models, fabrics, and other features.

Below are unique qualities of “most” modern automatic pool covers:

  1. You save on chemicals, heat, electricity, and water. With auto pool covers, you get great savings.
    • Chemical costs decrease by up to 70%
    • Electricity costs decrease by up to 50%
    • Evaporation reduces by up to 90%
    • Pool heating expenses decrease by up to 70%
  2. Unlike other pool covers, automatic pool covers have heat seal webbing, wrapped around a single polymer bead. This is then welded to the cover in just one step. This heat sealing makes the cover doubly strong.
  3. The motor has a hard, stainless steel shaft and oil-drenched gears eliminate any problems. The motor is so sealed that it functions flawlessly even if the yard becomes submerged in deep floodwater.
  4. Other pool covers only have an electronic torque limiter that usually fails in a stressful pool condition. Automatic pool covers have a mechanical torque limiter that protects the motor from a lot of stress.
  5. Automatic pool covers act like shock absorbers. They self-adjust and work smoothly while operating. It resists any kind of distortion. The ropes also require only a few adjustments and a minimal set of handyman skills.
  6. Secure switch and a Wi-Fi touchpads – These two features make sure that the pool cover is secure. The Wi-Fi touchpad connects to your home network. You will get timely notifications:
    • When someone unauthorized attempts to log into your pool cover system
    • When the pool cover is closed
    • When the pool cover is left open
    • When someone entered a user code