Things every fibreglass pool owner needs to possess: Guide To Follow!!

November 9, 2023

You’ve installed your fibreglass pool and are all set to enjoy the serene waves and fun splashes, but aren’t you forgetting something too crucial to your pool’s longevity??

Your pool is brand new today but it won’t be after a while.In between maintenance visits, your pool undergoes some grave deprecation. From chemical residue around the surface to twigs, branches, lumps of hair or whatnot, there’s a whole lot of things to deal with for keeping it clean.

But don’t sweat over it yet, we’re here to make it easier for you by listing a few accessories every mfpeasy pool owner should possess:-

1. Skimmer

Do you ever dive into a lake when you can see things floating up on its surface,your mind conjures up all kinds of filthy images and foul things that aren’t even there,right?

Skimmer is a device for cleaning those floating debris like twigs or leaves etc.

You don’t want your pool to be one of those lake so treat your pool with the same regard and buy a skimmer or two to remove large items from the surface. You should do this every other day.

2. Sweeper

By definition,Sweeper is a vacuum device to collect sediments and residues before they settle in on your pool.There are many versions of them, one being automated sweepers that dive down into the water and move along the bottom of the pool and clean up debris, this is one of the main reasons that they are also called Creepy-Crawly!

3. Scrubber

You need to scrub your pool from time to time but what kind of brush depends on the type of your pool surface.For fibreglass pools,use brushes with nylon bristles.

You need to add chlorine to your pool but as they say excess of anything is never good.Too often chlorine will build up on the tiles and deck of your swimming pool. It’ll leave a noticeable residue which is why you should invest in a brush with a telescopic pole which should be around 8 to 16 feet long.

You don’t want to wry in back pain later at night after scrubbing your pool all day long on knees,do you?

4. Pool test kit

It pays off to have a basic working knowledge of Chemistry when you have a fibreglass pool in your backyard.

Pools are rich in chlorine. Anytime you’re dealing with chemicals, it’s a good idea to know the quantity and the effects of each of them. Although it’s better to let someone professional balance your pool for you, you should buy a pool test kit as well.You should check your pool’s pH balance every once in a while for your own safety and pool’s life,it’s necessary. Get a pool testing kit so you can tell if your chemicals need to be balanced.

A chemical imbalance is not only harmful to your skin but can be risky for your health too, especially kids.

It seems a tedious task to keep up with, but it pays off to be agile in the long term.

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