Fibreglass Pools of the Future – Smart Swimming Pools

November 9, 2023

This article describes how the pools of future are transforming the lifestyle of families and individuals across the globe. As swimming pool manufacturing technology is being constantly upgraded worldwide, the products are becoming sleek, modern, lightweight and stylish. And when I refer to “smart pools”, it means intelligently designed lifestyle products for user comfort and convenience.

One such daily-use product simplifies your life, enhances your living standards, and brings about a feeling of luxury. Though, pools have now become a sort of necessity in average residences across Australia. Simply, because of the intense heatwave that this country is witnessing every year.

What Exactly Does a ‘Smart Pool’ Mean?

Nothing much of a difference in design, dimension or size from a normal swimming pool, but in poolside accessories and other associated stuff. A smart pool in pristine fibreglass material takes away the hassle and headache of frequent maintenance, which was the case with Vinyl Liner and Gunite ones. And this is the reason why most Australian abodes are now opting for smart fibreglass pools for their backyard. The smart pool features mentioned below offer huge benefits to users.

Pool Lighting
This is one aspect that is now seriously considered by all homeowners. There are smart Apps that control the pool lights. While returning late evening from office, if you think the lights must be kept on for setting the ambiance, you can easily manage it via the swimming pool Apps. Similarly, if you are leaving home for a holiday or vacation and want to ensure that the lights are turned off, the Apps can be a great help.

Pool Pump
An advanced App can control your pool pump just like the lights surrounding it. Since the pump is responsible for circulating the water, it must be controlled round the clock. This helps in resisting the formation of bacteria and other allergens on the surface of the water. The basic idea is NOT to keep the water stagnant for long. Therefore, a smart pool pump can keep the water clean and help prevent the formation of bacteria or gathering algae. The pump can be easily activated when you are on the go and subsequently switched off.

Auto Pool Cleaning
Today, it is possible to clean your pool via a device, by being in a remote location. So, you can easily embark on a weekend trip, without having to worry about its weekly cleaning. I guess, the weekend is the time when homeowners find time to clean their pools manually. But now, you no longer need to spoil your weekends, as one such smart App does the job for you. You can schedule your weekend swimming pool cleaning via one such intelligent App.

Smart Salt Chlorinator
This device has also gone smarter with the introduction of the latest sensors and meters that automatically sets the pH levels and chemical (Chlorine) content in the water. So, you do not have to worry about the chemical balance in the water of your fiberglass swimming pool. Just go for a plunge with your family, friends, and kids in the sultry summer afternoon and evenings.

These are some of the newest upgrades in pool devices & accessories that make your life easy, happy, content, hassle-free and joyful. And considering the necessity of one such lifestyle product at home, the pools of the future are becoming even smarter and intelligent.

Thanks to the proliferation of advanced manufacturing technology in the area of poolside accessories in Australia. The summers are not going to be worrisome, physically cumbersome and tiring anymore.