Fibreglass Swimming Pools – A Reality in Every Australian Home

November 9, 2023

Summers and pools are now synonymous terms in Australia, anywhere you go. Be it the Northern Rivers in New South Wales or Brisbane in QLD. They are installed in residences, villas, mansions, resorts and country houses in numbers.

An interesting fact to note here is that existing homes that have Concrete/Gunite and Vinyl liner pools are now converting or switching to fibreglass. Since they are lightweight, compact and modular in design, it can be easily installed in a couple of or more days, if not hours. Therefore, a homeowner in Australia can always count on the advantages of inground fibreglass pools, before thinking of installing one. There is an array of new pool designs to choose from.

It is a Necessity!

Today, an average Australian residence considers it mandatory to install a designer fibreglass pool in the backyard and get a soothing respite from the summer sun.

It is a cost-effective way to beat the heat in the long run, if you want to skip the costly monthly membership fee of Saturday clubs and luxury hotels.

Initially, though it is a pricey affair to buy and install one, it can compensate for the hefty club & hotel membership fee over the years. And most importantly, it is the blazing summer heat that is forcing residences to install one in their backyard.

Inground Fibreglass Pools are En Vogue

The name says it all. It is sunk into the ground, and the surrounding landscape also gets a makeover as a compliment. Though it comes at an additional cost. But over here, the protagonist is obviously the inground swimming pool which is changing the lifestyle of ordinary Australians. That’s for sure!

Previously, pools were considered as luxury. But not anymore. It not only acts as a style quotient for abodes but at the same time provides the much-needed relief from the intense heat.

Visualise a late evening or afternoon plunge into your private pool. It can freshen your mind in the sultry hot summers for a moment or two. This is what every individual desire. And what better when your entire family and kids get to enjoy their heart out. Overall, it is a comforting experience to have one such product at your home for enjoying the sultry summer.

Your home exterior deserves a complete makeover, and it is an inground fibreglass pool that comes to the rescue act. It is a great way to provide that contemporary look to your abode. And considering the intensity of heat and the summer sun, it now becomes a sort of a necessity. Frankly speaking, you cannot do without it, in the harsh climatic conditions.

Of late, the summer months are like a boon for all pool builders in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast that are befitting from Mother Nature. Sales have rocketed over the years. And why not, when the prices of these lap pools have ‘matured’ from the perspective of buyers. This has resulted in the growing numbers of fibreglass pools being sold and installed at individual homes. A quick browse through the web can lead to some of the leading fibreglass pool builders in Australia. What requires, is a bit of disciplined research and comparison that can lead you to some of the reputed fibreglass pool manufacturers.

Today, ‘Lap’ or ‘Plunge’, inground swimming pools are a ’bread n butter’ requirement at Australian abodes. It’s a ‘must buy’ lifestyle enhancement product.