Figuring out the perfect pool temperature for you

November 9, 2023

While in some cases it’s obvious like needing a cool splash in scorching heat and a warm bath in winters, there’s a bit of preference involved in this decision as well. How do you decide which temperature feels perfect to you and your family? Especially when there’s a lot of contradiction between multiple researchers’ thoughts on the topic.

The right swimming pool temperature depends on a lot of factors including its usage and users, for instance, older people benefit from warmer waters while cold water can cause them stiff joints. So you have to focus on what works best for your family and how they put the pool to use.

Water exercises

People who are inclined towards water based workouts and lap swimming should incline towards lower temperatures. As is obvious, a good heated up workout session that puts your body in strain will be too hard to handle if the water is warmer than needed.

On the other hand, people who want physical therapy through relaxation will want warmer waters. It also helps in loosing muscle tensions and stiffness in joints.

Mostly people in residential pools use their pool for lounging and sunbathing, so if that’s the case for you; it’s probably batter to stay on the low side in case of pool temperature. Heating up the swimming pool in a sun warmed day is only a waste of money and energy. Your pool design plays a major role in deciding which pool temperature accommodates it best.

Health concerns and age groups

If you’re a young couple, then cool water temperature may not be an issue for you. But if you’re a family with elderlies, children or babies around then you should definitely go for a warmer temp. The location of your pool could also help in choosing the right temperature for your pool. A shadowed secluded area away from sunlight will be colder than a sunlit open pool.

Medical issues like arthritis, injuries, muscle pains, pregnancy also favor from warm water baths. But to be on the safer side, one should always consult with a doctor first to really know about the details of that particular issue.

External factors

Natural factors like outside temperature, sunlight and wind are not only uncontrollable but also affect your pool’s temperature. They also have an impact in whether you want a warm bath or a cool dive. If your pool design is an indoor one then it can be vastly controlled but if not, you’ll have to adjust your swimming pool temperature accordingly.
One thing that’s going to be non-negotiable is keeping everyone satisfied. You can only take account of the majority’s preference. But it’s unlikely everyone in your family will approve of the temperature you finally fix on.