Grass surround pools- An insight!

November 9, 2023

Unlike other posh options out there, a glass surround pool is actually elegant and much cheaper. A glass surround pool is a striking yet minimalist look and feels closer to nature than a deck fashioned out of woods, concrete or pavers.

Like everything else, Grass surround pool has its fair share of pros and cons, here’s our views about the advantages and drawbacks of grass for your pool deck:

Advantages of a Grass-Surround Pool

Classy and elegant looking.

A fibreglass pool surrounded with a manicured lawn is just easy on eyes and if you’re a fan of natural aesthetics, you should definitely skip over the traditional deck in favor of grass.

Saves space

Your lawn is preserved which is definitely an advantage if you’re in love with the lush green of your lawn.

Comfy and safe!

Grass is non slippery unlike other deck options. Also never gets overly hot in summers so comfortable for walking bare feet.


Pool Maintenance: a whole loads of it!

With grass around your pool, it’s impossible to avoid grass, dirt and debris from falling into your pool water.

You not only need to mow your lawn regularly but also need to clean your pool more regularly too.

Lawn chemical contamination

More lawn maintenance. The splashing and extra traffic around a pool can be hard on grass, requiring regular sod replacement, or just extra TLC to keep things looking good. Also keep in mind that by forgoing a traditional pool deck, you’re also forgoing one of its main benefits for a busy homeowner – less lawn mowing.

Now that you have both sides of coins in front of you, it’s upto you to decide whether to choose aesthetics or less labor for your fibreglass pool.