How Plunge Pools Help Athletes Recover

November 10, 2023

As you know, athletes go through a lot of physical challenges. They usually get injured. Part of their recovery treatment is spending time in plunge pools. Plunge pools can be either hot or cold. They are efficient in putting players back in the game to win.

How the body gets hurt during intense excercise.

When you go through a very intense work out, your muscles fibers acquire tiny tears or microtraumas. Microtraumas can bring about DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and inflammation. Cell repair is triggered the moment these microtraumas appear. This process helps in strengthening the muscles when it happens repeatedly over time.

Why cold plunge pools help with recovery.

Cold water has always been known to minimize inflammation and soreness of the muscles, allowing the body to recover quickly. When athletes take a cold-water plunge after working out, athletes do not experience the pain of DOMS, yet acquire the benefits of microtraumas. There are teams that have cold plunge pools installed to make their treatment more efficient and effective. Right after the players practice, they could quickly take cold plunges.

Stress makes things worse in the world of athletes and health conscious people. Cold water reduces stress. Players emerge from their cold plunge pool sessions feeling much better. They also recover from stressful situations more quickly when they plunge into cold water regularly.

How hot plunge pools help with recovery.

Hot plunge pools are often used before work outs start. The hot water increases the flow of blood, loosens up the muscles, and makes the body more flexible. When the muscle fibers are more flexible, you have a more productive work out and your muscles become less strained.

Even if you’re not a player, you can gain the benefits of cold and hot plunge fiberglass pools in the privacy of your own home. Contact the team at MFP Easy to get the fibreglass pool installation process started today!