In-ground Fibreglass Pools versus Above-Ground Pools – An Overview

November 9, 2023

Come summer, there’s an urgent need felt to get a swimming pool installed in a home backyard. In Australia, it is no longer a luxury to have a lifestyle enhancement product like a private pool, or for that matter, an Italian Jacuzzi. Rather, it is a necessity considering the ‘record-breaking’ heatwave, every passing year.

As the intensity of the summer Sun and the mercury level is on the rise, it is best suggested to go ahead with an in-ground pool installation. Now, there are a couple of questions to be answered. Why only in-ground and not above-the-ground pools? And why fibreglass, and not concrete or Vinyl pools? Such questions help streamline your final buying decision.

Important factors to consider are:

  1. Price or Affordability
  2. Prompt Installation Service
  3. Size, Shape & Dimension
  4. Product and Material Quality
  5. Longevity or Lifespan
  6. Sleek Design & Style
  7. Average Monthly Maintenance Cost

These are some of the notable factors or aspects that impact your purchase decision. Since in-ground pools involve a sizable ‘one-time’ investment, proper research work, review and product comparison is advised. It can help save additional bucks, which is something wise on your part. And most importantly, you zero-in upon the best product available in the market, with your local dealer.

But why should one go for an in-ground fibreglass pool instead of a concrete or above ground pool? The advantages are many. They are listed below for your reference or perusal:

  • In-ground pools help enhance the visual aesthetics of your home exteriors.
  • They add to the ambiance of a residence, with an extended patio or deck surrounding it.
  • Though initially expensive to install, in-ground pools last much longer than the “Above-Ground” ones.
  • Fibreglass material is preferred over concrete or Gunite (Shotcrete), as it produces the much-desired gloss and shine. The original colour also remains intact for years.
  • In-ground fibreglass swimming pools come in “fully built” format. Just need to be sunk into the ground.
  • Fibreglass pools come in a variety of sizes, for both Lap and Plunge versions. So, you can order the size as per your backyard space availability and design preference.
  • A myriad of new pool designs and shapes to choose from.
  • Fiberglass, when combined or blended with Resin, is an extremely strong and durable material.

There are a few Cons too:

  • In-ground fiberglass pools take much longer to install that an above ground pool. The average time taken is 5-6 weeks when compared to only 1 week for above-the-ground pools. If required, the above-ground ones can be installed within 4-5 days. In that case, the cost would increase.
  • In-ground fibreglass pools costs in Australia are much more expensive. They can easily extend up to and above AUD 35000. Whereas, the above ground pools cost far less.
  • The maintenance cost is a bit higher than above-the-ground pools. But again, it all depends upon your choice and space availability.

Most of the yesteryear in-ground pools were made concrete or Gunite, but today customers prefer fibreglass or Vinyl coated. And due to the advancement in manufacturing technology, a lot of features have been incorporated. Such as anti-corrosion, anti-algae formation surface coating, anti-UV ray protection, and anti-microbial properties. This makes fibreglass pools very popular among new homeowners and property developers. They are also lightweight, compact and very stylish in looks.

Product warranty is another interesting feature of fibreglass pools. Some pool manufacturers in Australia offer ‘lifetime warranty’ on their product range, whereas some for a decade or a half. And talking about attractive designs in fibreglass swimming pools, it is all possible due to the latest CAD-CAM manufacturing technology. This has resulted in producing perfect geometric as well as abstract shapes, though in limited numbers.

Plunge pools and lap pools made of fibreglass are now a fashionable addition to any home exterior. If you are residing in a city that has warm weather throughout the year, it is always advised to go for a fibreglass lap pool. The water in the concrete ones tend to heat up quickly. Then, there are additions like pool lighting, safety fencing, auto-filter, water pump, and other poolside accessories which accompany an in-ground pool. Such as inflated toys and balls that are liked by children. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience having a private swimming pool in your backyard. Your kids would love enjoying the summer weekends by the poolside. That’s for sure!


Fibreglass pools come with a variety of features and options, ranging from colour, size, dimension, design, and style. Though available in a limited number of shapes, the options are many. It can be a classic rectangle one to a contemporary oval shape. To sum it up, in-ground fibreglass swimming pools fare better when compared to the concrete or above-the-ground ones. It is all because of its simplicity, hard-wearing features, and sleek appeal.