Inground Fibreglass Pools and its Utility at Residences in Australia

November 9, 2023

This lifestyle product in Australia has now assumed the status of a necessity. It is no longer confined to the backyards of the aristocracy but proliferated to bourgeoise homes too.

This phenomenon has happened over the years. A decade or so to be precise. Today, if a decent-sized abode is dreaming about installing a fibreglass swimming pool in its backyard, it is quite understandable. Given the extremes of weather conditions, it has become a sort of necessity at modest private residences across the nation.

The mercury in the summer months is setting new records each year. And when festivities and celebrations like Halloween, Christmas and New Year coincides with these severe hot months, one such product becomes even more desirable.

Today, a standard size lap or plunge pool is a great party component for individual homes, villas and ‘stand-alone’ mansions. And why not, when it best serves the purpose of fun, fiesta, party, and above all, beating the heat in style. What more can you ask for, when you and your family get to chill within the close compounds of your abode.

Utility & Safety is Foremost in the Minds of Pool Manufacturers

Apart from the competitive pricing, it is the utility and safety aspect that resides high in the minds of reputable pool builders in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or anywhere else. This generates confidence among new customers and urges them to install one at their home.

Of late, the use of pristine fibreglass material and natural resin has improved the quality of these inground pools. Today, such designer creations have UV-ray resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-algae formation, and antimicrobial properties to name a few. It not only ensures the safety of users but at the same time increases the lifespan of one such leisure product. So, installing an inground fibreglass pool is an option to consider this festive season, or maybe next year. It would be a perfect Christmas gift or a New Year surprise to your family. A gift that your children and off springs would cherish for years.

Fibreglass Pool Prices in Australia & New Designs

The average cost of fibreglass pools Australia is anything between $25,000 AUD – $50,000 AUD, depending upon the quality, dimension, and design. The installation cost is additional.

For the respite of customers, the sale price includes GST. So, if you can save for a year or two diligently, it is quite affordable to own one. Next comes the design and style aspect. There are quite a few design variations or pool series available in the Australian market, viz;

They are perfect for small homes and decent mansions that always aspired to have one such stylish product in their backyard.

Families can now think of spending their weekend afternoons and evenings in leisurely comfort by a private poolside. It is like a fiesta around the pool, which is so satisfying during the weekends and holidays. A homeowner looking forward to installing a fibreglass pool in standard dimensions can now visit a company website or a showroom and choose a product of his/her choice.

There are different sizes and designs available. So, there is no shortage of options. Ask for a perfect rectangle, or a jellybean shaped, you get it all. Thus, the year-end festivities ought to be more entertaining when you’ve got an inground fibreglass pool installed at your home. Why not install one this summer, and party outdoors in-style.