Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pools – Are they Party Ready?

November 9, 2023

What is your opinion? Well, swimming pools as a lifestyle product was always ‘party ready’. But today, with the improvement in design, raw material quality and style, they have become even more mouthwatering proposition. Therefore, small to midsize residences in Australia are thinking about installing them in their backyard, for partying and chilling out all day & night. And summers are the best time to chill around your private pool area for that refreshing feel in the sultry heat.

Today, a resin-based fibreglass swimming pool version ranks high in popularity. Simply, due to its sleek appeal, stylish looks and safety features that make it a perfect installation at home for enjoying an outdoor party. It blends beautifully in any backyard surrounding or condition. And most importantly, your kids love enjoying a cool splash in a family pool, any time of the day.

Why Fibreglass Pools are So Popular?

  • Easy to install at private residences.
  • Available in all sizes and dimensions.
  • It comes ready in ‘one piece’ from the manufacturing unit.
  • It needs very little maintenance.
  • Has corrosion-resistant, scratch-proof, anti-UV ray, and antimicrobial properties.
  • They requires minimal chemicals and detergents for cleaning.

Affluent as well as average homes in Australia are now changing from Vinyl and Concrete pools to inground fibreglass models. This is a common phenomenon every year before summer sets-in. And what better when enjoying a Christmas or New Year party with friends and family members in your private pool.

Imagine your backyard taking the shape of a party floor, with loud music, lights, barbeque and lots of poolside activities. The inflated toys and balls in the water are added attractions for the kids. But always keep in mind the safety aspect first.

How to Get The Most From Your Fibreglass Pool This Festive Season

Come Christmas, and homes are all decked up to beat the heat in style. And it is a fibreglass lap or plunge pool with its sleek edges, glossy finish and modern designs that help a home exterior get a stylish look.

When you invite your friends and colleagues, they would be pleasantly surprised by the ambience of your house exteriors.

A weekend poolside party in the afternoon and evening is what everyone desires. And considering the intense heatwave during December and January, a swimming pool party is like a refreshing touch.

Lemonades, a pitcher full of beer, music and a plunge in the pool with friends is how many relax the Australian way. And when you’ve installed a fibreglass swimming pool, your home exterior gets that vibrant and soothing feel.

It is obvious that summer outdoor parties are incomplete without a pool. And with the arrival of new fibreglass swimming pool designs, your abode is bound for a sweet transformation or makeover.

By installing one such contemporary inground pool, summer parties are set to be more exciting.

Here in Australia, few of the leading pool builders in Brisbane, QLD have come up with smart new designs. The fibreglass products come in a ‘ready-to-install’ mode, thus making a Christmas or Boxing Day party by the poolside, a pleasant reality. So, party in style this summer!