Landscaping Around Your Fibreglass Pool

November 10, 2023

When you place your fibreglass pool, it’s only natural to want to make it look as good as it can look. That typically means that you’re going to add some landscaping to the area.

Choosing the right look and feel so far as plant life and decorative stone and art will enhance the look of the pool and give a real sense of style to your personal space.

When you are considering the landscaping for the pool area. take into account where the pool is placed.

You will need to choose plants that are going to do well in that area. If your pool is primarily in the sun, then you’ll want to choose plants that will do well with the sun for most of the day. Conversely, if it is largely in the shade then you’ll want plants that do not require a lot of sunshine. Select plants that will thrive in the area in which you live. if your climate is very desert like you’re not going to want to select tropical plants that require a lot of moisture and expect them to do well.

If you’re thinking of adding trees to your landscape make certain that the tree will either remain a dwarf tree or place it far enough away from your pool area so the root system won’t damage your in-ground pool.

Be sure to use landscaping tarp or burlap under your soil and around your plants. This will keep most of the weeds from being able to gain a foothold and prevent you from having to spend long hours on your knees removing weeds from the landscape rather than enjoying it.

As long as you keep a few common sense choices in mind, when it comes to landscaping your imagination is the limit!