Types Of Lights For Your Fibreglass Pool

November 10, 2023

Anyone cannot resist an attractive fibreglass pool. One of the best ways to achieve a beautiful, inviting pool is to pick the right pool light. If you are a new fibreglass pool owner, it is best to know the types of pool lights available out there. In doing so, you can choose the right one to illuminate your pool area.

Flush-mounted, underwater lighting

a. Halogen. These lights are in line with the pool wall. Unfortunately, this type of light consumes more energy and maintenance than LED lights. Halogen flush-mounted lights also mean more work. Despite the challenges, many pool owners still want halogen lights because they are less expensive than LED.

b. LED. This type of lighting does not protrude out of the pool’s wall. Flush-mounted lights are becoming more popular than halogen lights. It is easier to install during the pool’s construction. It is costlier to have the lights flush-mounted into the walls if the pool is already established.

Flood Lighting

a. Halogen. This type of floodlight offers the same illumination as LED pool floodlights. Even so, halogen only cost less and are easier to mount on the pool. Halogen lights are not for long-term use. They also need regular bulb changes, which are not needed with LED floodlighting systems.

b. LED. These floodlights should be able to illuminate your pool and the area around it. This is a good choice for play activities in and around the water. The best part about his lighting system is that it consumes little energy. You can easily but what you need at a nearby hardware store with just a small budget. Just hire an electrician to install everything. Floodlights can also take away the ambiance of your pool, so it is best to know when to use floodlights.

Surface-mounted, underwater lighting

a. Halogen. If you want to save money on underwater lighting, this is the only way to go. In Australia, halogen pool lights have always been the standard for years. Aside from the cheaper price, they also provide enough light. They may be easier to install, but they do consume a lot more energy.

b. LED. This type of pool lighting fitted into your pool wall is a great idea to brighten up your pool. LEDs can easily be installed when upgrading an existing fibreglass pool. They do protrude a bit, so oftentimes, they easily break. If you have children, there is a heightened possibility of damage. Children often step on them to get out of the water.

Garden lighting around the pool. This is lighting outside the pool itself. It is part of the landscaping.

Floating and submersible LED lighting. Use these lights during parties to wow your guests. They are usually powered by solar energy or batteries. They also vary in colours, sizes, and shapes. You can either place them on the surface of the water to float or submerge them in the water.

Feature lighting. You can use either halogen or LED lights to highlight a part of your garden or pool area such as fountains, trees, or waterfalls. Expect to pay more upfront in purchasing LED lights. Halogen lights are inexpensive, but they need more maintenance.