New Age Fibreglass Pools – The Homeowners Choice

November 9, 2023

What if homeowners were to choose between concrete or inground fibreglass pools. The choice is easy and simple. In most cases, fibreglass pools are the preferred choice for households that want something new, stylish, modern and contemporary in appeal.

Even the Vinyl liner pools fail to attract the attention of buyers due to its very less hard-wearing properties. Here in Australia, homeowners are now finding it quite easy to make the decision. And that happens to be a fibreglass lap or plunge pools. No matter what the season is, fibreglass pools are typically desired by new buyers and homeowners.

What are the distinctive features?

  • Easy and Affordable Maintenance
  • Comes with Gel Coated Surface
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Easily Transportable
  • Can Be Reinstalled
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Algae Formation Resistant
  • Contraction & Expandable Properties

The new-age swimming pools designed and manufactured by the top pool builders Brisbane can be easily compared to the best in the world. Their exceptionally stylish look, sleek design, and hard-wearing features are the USP. Families want something unique for their private backyard, and a fibreglass made plunge pool is a perfect choice. It is a fact that the ‘above-the-ground’ concrete pools are susceptible to cracks, hairline fractures, erosion and algae formation over the years. Thus, they require far more maintenance. Whereas fibreglass pools are far easier to install, use and maintain.

Many of those households which had Vinyl liner pools installed are now switching over to the latest fibreglass/resin coated lap pools of late. Here in Queensland, the premier manufacturing companies are offering an array of new products for domestic consumption. Since there is a huge demand during the hot summer season, inground pool sales have shot through the roof. Leave aside the Olympic size lap and dive pools that are ordered by large five-star hotels and resorts. I guess, this lifestyle enhancement product is perhaps the best Christmas and New Year gift to a family. Your children would love spending those leisurely hours by the poolside during the scorching summer months.

Yes, Fibreglass pools are ‘cost intensive’. But only for ‘once in a lifetime’, during installation. In some cases, vinyl liner, concrete or gunite pools, “may initially costs less, but requires high maintenance and additional expenses as time goes by.


A prospective buyer can easily find out why this type of pool is preferred by homeowners. It has such extensive features and properties that make them stand out. Australians are finding a fibreglass lap pool a great investment idea for their home. A quick call to the top pool builder in Brisbane, or for that matter in any other city, and their professionals arrive straight away. And within a couple of weeks, your swanky new private pool comes-up in the backyard. What more can a home ask for?