Outdoor Shower for Your Fibreglass Pool

November 9, 2023

Now that you are a proud owner of a new fibreglass pool, what could be a refreshing addition to it?

An outdoor shower is a great answer to this question. It is an indispensable pool feature that can make your pool experience a lot more convenient.
Do you wish you don’t need to remind the kids to dry up first before coming into the house? Are you tired of mopping the deck and the interior of the house each time everyone takes a break from swimming?

If you want a drastic change in pool life, you must consider having an outdoor shower.

Types of Outdoor Showers


This type of outdoor shower is a separate structure away from your house. It has its own plumbing underneath the ground. Some sub-types can be attached to a double hose (for hot and cold flows) or a garden hose and can be moved around the yard. If you cannot decide where to put your outdoor shower, this can be the one for you.


If you are considering your budget, this type of portable shower is a good choice. You can move it around the yard. You can bring it with you when you’re camping or anywhere you can access water and a hose.


Of all three types of outdoor showers, this is the most durable and permanent. Unlike the first two types, this one needs to be attached to your home or a corner of the yard. This outdoor shower also has an enclosure for enhanced privacy, especially when changing clothes.

Perks of an Outdoor Shower

Regardless of the type you choose, an outdoor shower can give you the following:

  • It gives a resort feel to your backyard.
  • It can cool you down on a hot day by the pool or out in the yard.
  • It gives a good, convenient place to change without going inside the house when you’re swimming all day.
  • It provides a quick area for cleaning up, whether it’s you, your kids, or your dogs.
  • If you have guests who need to clean up at the barbecue, an outdoor shower can provide that area.

An outdoor shower is a necessary addition to any pool area, especially if you have constant swimmers and family members who constantly need to wash up when outdoors. To help you decide which is best for your needs, feel free to talk to our experts at www.myfibreglasspool.au. They are more than happy to entertain your every question. Soon, you will have the outdoor shower of your dreams.