Pool location: How to work out the perfect pool place!

November 9, 2023

The location of your pool is the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you first start envisioning your fibreglass pool. It’s important to decide on an area that not only looks aesthetic but is also most feasible.

Various factors like size and shape of the property it’s going to be build upon make it harder to place your pool according to your heart’s desires.

Another factor with inground pools is that you don’t get second chances, well not so without spending considerable amount of money.

Looking at the bright side, we do have a few things for you to consider before you make that decision.

1. Availability of space

Small area is obviously an hindrance to picking the first impulse choice for your pool. Carefully consider the type of material and shape of your pool to make the most of it, so that your pool complements your house even if it’s small. People with huge backyards at their disposal needn’t worry at all because availability of space allows you to choose whether you want your pool nearby or make it a wholly separate space.

Another point to consider is the room needed to add other extra features like the pool deck, patio, hot tub or diving board. You may want to plan accordingly.

2. Level ground

It’s not uncommon to have a few areas in your yard that are simply inaccessible for installation of pool like if there’s a slope. Yes, it can leveled into a flat space but it’s a particularly expensive project.

3. Slope and Other Practical Matters

For a variety of reasons, some areas of your yard may be off limits for pool installation. Others may simply be more challenging, resulting in higher installation costs.

Here’s a list of few other factors you need to plan early about:

Areas prone to excessive evaporation due to air currents
Utility lines

Local laws stating codes for setbacks.

All of this sounds complicated but a good pool building service can walk you through the whole process breezily.

4. Personal style and preferences

How your pool should look, the view you want while swimming, water features and other aesthetics are some of the questions you’ve to ask yourself before fixating on any place for your pool.

Inclination towards large storage space, privacy and ease on looking out for kids are considerable factors as well.