Thoughts on pool entry and how to pick what works for you!

November 9, 2023

While planning a pool, a grand entrance and a safe exit must be one of the first things you should plan about. But most of the time, we are so distracted with other aspects of installing a pool that this minute detail is overlooked in favor of other bigger details like pool size, shape, type etc.

A good thought-out pool entry is not only safer but is more convenient as well. Apart from the practical reasons, it also enhances the appearance of your pool. The main point is to choose what works for your people.

Pool Ladders

Both public and private pools sport the common stainless steel ladders for the following practical reasons:

Affordable and reliable.

Space conservation.

Accommodate well in both shallow and deep waters.

But they too have a few shortcomings as well which include being mighty hard to handle for children and people with disabilities.

Another great option is to have built-in ladders in your pool, these are actually recessed steps though expensive are helpful if you don’t like anything jutting out in your swimming area.

Pool Steps

Steps can provide grand entry to your pool along with a shallow lounging area that is not only great aesthetics but hugely convenient as well.

Wedding cake type pool steps are popular choice these days. Steps compared to ladders are more expensive and take up a lot of space but they’re also more elegant and appealing if you can afford to built them.

Many other types of pool entries that are less traditional and unique include the following:

Beach Entries

A beach like entry with a sloping pool is luxurious but these type of pools need a very large space to work with. If you’ve a large pool, beach entry is a great way to go.

Baja Shelves

Baja shelves are shallow areas that can be included in your pool steps, they perform the function of entry and a leisure resting place for swimmers in the pool.