Pool Fencing Ideas (that are QLD compliant)

May 20, 2024

Pool fencing can be boring, stale and not very imaginative. For those with a flair for design or just wanting something different finding inspiration on various pool fencing websites can be a drag. Especially, if you get pulled into the unrealistic fencing standards of American swimming pools fences. In Australia pool fencing regulations are stricter than in other parts of the world because we know the cost an unprotected pool can have on animals and small children. 

However, that doesn’t mean every pool fence you see has to be the same bent aluminium fence you can pick up at Bunnings or a glass panel. There are plenty of variations in material and shape as well as combinations of the standard glass, aluminium or wood fences that can breathe life into your pool area. Here are 10 examples of pool fencing ideas we like from Australian pool fence builders. 


1. Perforated Aluminium 

Aluminum is one of the most popular pool fence materials but, you’ve probably never seen a fence like this before. Australian-made by Pool Perf these custom designs for perforated pool fences add a stylish and unique twist to the most common pool fence material. 

perforated aluminium pool fencing concept by Perf pools perforated aluminium pool fencing concept showing designs for a palm frond clear perforated aluminium a new pool fencing idea


2. Blade Fencing 

Characterised by their horizontal “blades” this aluminium (or wood) fence type mixes art and functionality into something rare and visually appealing. 

white blade pool fencing installed around a round pool
image and fence by Fencespot.com.au 


3. Tubular aluminium pool fencing

Something a little unique here, instead of blades or a standard fence these rounded aluminium tubes give the same protection and style offered by the blade fence but without the pointy edges you might avoid if you have small kids. 

tubular blade style fencing for a pool
Image and fence by Nextgen Aluminium


4. Bamboo Pool Fencing 

Natural and recyclable bamboo is a great choice for the eco-conscious. The wood is sturdy and lasts a very long time but is natural and feels warm and stylish compared to other alternatives. 

bamboo wood pool fencebamboo timber and alumnium pool fence
Image provided by Eco Greenhaus


5. Aluminium Slat Fences 

Offering a little more privacy than traditional aluminium fencing this fencing is sleek, modern-looking and sturdy. The narrow slats provide no viable foothold for kids to use but let in light and airflow to the pool.

an aluminium slat pool fence
Image by Aluminium Slats


6. Stylised Aluminium Fences

Sometimes all you need is a little more flair to your fence to make it stand out (or fit in) with your decor. Here is a great example of that with a stylised top by Nextgen Aluminium the tops are tapered providing a sharper edge to discourage climbers but also add visual appeal.

custom alumnium pool fence with tapered tops for style

This second aluminium fence is a little left of standard. Mixing up the idea of traditional aluminium fencing with its spacious gaps and the staggered height of the vertical struts it screams different but at a budget closer to a standard aluminium fence.

custom aluminium pool fence with wider gaps and alternanting heights
Image by Rosbosns Pool Safey Inspections


7. Jumbled spear pool fence

This unique fence is made up of 374 “jumbled spears” given an alternating height vertically and clean open visuals. The tips of the posts are not sharp but the visuals do conjure up images of spear formations when you look closely. At a glance, it just appears stylish and quirky – in the best way possible. 

jumbled spear pool fence nominated for fencing awards shows a black blade style fence with alternating heights for each "blade'
Fence and Image by https://sgabalustrades.com.au/


8. Copper and Wood

Mixing the beautiful natural tones of wood and copper leaves a stunning fence that elevates the entire pool project. The idea for this fence won awards for the contractor and it’s easy to see why. As time goes on the stunning natural colouring of the copper will change leading to a one-of-a-kind design and colouring.

copper and wood pool fence copper and wood round pool fence. cloes up of copper and wood fence showing copper strafes and wooden vertical poles
Fence and image by Dolphin Fencing


9. Steel and Wood

Using not just steel and wood but a unique shape makes this fence a stunner. Flowing lines of the curve and the elevation aren’t standard and neither is the feeling you get when you see it. A breathtaking combination of different materials, elevation and shape.

steel and wood fence steel and wood fence snaking its way around a pool installation
Fence and image by Dolphin Fencing


10. Wrought Iron

Rustic, rugged and long-lasting this wrought iron fence surrounding the pool and connecting to a red brick wall and timber decking is something that you don’t see every day. 

recycled wrought iron fence around a pool
Fence and image by Redhill Wrought Iron

That’s it, 10 uncommon fence ideas styles are all QLD compliant and can be installed in your backyard when you install your pool. There are also more common pool fencing ideas such as unframed or semi-framed glass panels, the standard green or black aluminium fence or, traditional wood. The important thing is to ensure that you land on a pool fencing idea that is not only pleasing to your eye but also comply with pool barrier laws in Queensland. There really is no limit to what you can do with a little imagination and some technical help from a pool fencing expert.