Pros and Cons of an In-Ground Fibreglass Pool

November 10, 2023

Many people say there is no good list of the pros and cons of a fibreglass in ground pool. We felt that one was necessary in order to allow you to make a choice.

Here is what we hope is an unbiased list of the good and bad about the fibreglass pools.

Fibreglass Pools

The Up Side of the Fibreglass Swimmming Pools Include:

  • They are low maintenance. The coating of a fibreglass pool isn’t porous. This stops the growth of algae and lowers the amount of chemicals that are necessary to maintain your pool.

There are minimal out of pocket expenses over the lifetime of the pool. The shell requires no upkeep and there is no vinyl liner to cost money in replacing and there is no need to resurface.

The surface of a fibreglass pool is not abrasive. It is smooth and easy to work with.

There are built in steps and seats so there is no need to add extra steps and seats to the pool for extra costs.

The installation process is fast because the pool shell is built off site and is brought in and installed easily and rapidly by a pool builder. Even with the addition of landscaping and other items the installation is usually far less than traditional concrete pools.

Fibreglass pools do have a down side and here are the cons of a premade fibreglass swimming pool.

  • They are only available in specific shapes. Unless you commission a custom build, you’re going to get the shapes that are for offered by the dealer.
  • Fibreglass pools must be shipped over the road and that means they cannot be more than a specific width that is allowed on the road. In Australia that width is 4.5 meters wide.