Resort style pool features to think of for your backyard pool!

November 11, 2023

People always dream about staying at luxurious resorts and lounging by the tropic style pool but it’s not always possible to be vacation, is it?

Your backyard pool can be easily transformed into a resort style pool, a little costly but a nice way to add to your pool’s appeal, here’s our list of features that can create a resort style pool in your own backyard.

A resort style pool by definition is an elegant pool with luxurious facilities like a beautiful shade, lounging furniture and sometimes accompanied with outdoor dining .

How to create a resort style pool in your backyard:-

1. Smaller in size

These pools are meant for relaxation and not rough playing, while there’s nothing visibly wrong with a big pool.
If you’re aiming for a resort style pool you might want to save up your bucks for the other luxurious features rather than spending them on the size of the pool.

2. Pool Furniture

Resort style pool needs usual loungers but the point is to have elegant place to relax.For real resort experience, you could go with an outdoor sofa, sun bed, cocktail table, and the like.

3. Pool Lounging

Why lounge on the edge when you can be in the water without even touching it.Beach entries, Baja shelf, the common Jacuzzi and spas are one of the various pool lounging features you can add to your pool decor.

4. Shades

,p>Put in a umbrella or go for sun sails, canopied pool furniture, or even a cabana.Any cool shade so that you don’t feel sunburnt and have a cool spot to retreat.

5. Hawaiian Ambiance

Keep way from those cheap copycat Hawaiian themes for parties.Just buy some beautiful flowering plants and a teak furniture decorum to bring that tropical feel.

6. Outdoor Dining Extravaganga

A modern kitchen right by your poolside or a dining table could really add to your resort feel, but it highly depends on your budget.