Slides and Waterslides For Your Personal Pool

November 10, 2023

When it comes to your fiberglass pool, there are tons of different slides to choose from that can take your pool from normal to super fun! There are tunnel slides and twisting slides and a majority of them can even be made especially for your fibreglass pool package.

If you have a waterfall wall set up, you can have a kids (or adult) slide that can be made to wrap around your waterfall and right into nearly any of the in ground pools Melbourne. There are, literally, hundreds of slides to choose from when it comes to adding a slide or waterslide to your fiberglass pool.

The normal weight limit for most pool slides is 113kg. However, there are many slide manufacturers that can custom build your pool slide that can hold more weight than normal. So, even if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, you can still enjoy a great waterslide for your Cheap Pools Melbourne!

There are also tiny slides that are absolutely perfect for small children and will fit into a child’s wading pool. No matter which fiberglass pool that you choose from, you can add many additions and perks to your pool setting!

There are many companies that allow payment plans so that you can have your slide installed immediately. Depending on the style of waterslide that you’re looking for, your slide will be customized to wrap around objects or bolted into the cement surrounding your pool. This anchors your slide for safety and stability.

Some awesome permanent slides to think about are the:

  • Turbo Twister
  • The Typhoon
  • The Cyclone
  • The Rogue 2
  • The Big Ride
  • The Vortex

If you’re not looking for a slide that bolts into the patio, then there are many great inflatable slides to choose from! Your kids will go nuts and love you forever!