Types Of Modern Pools Based On Shape

November 10, 2023

Modern pools are far from the pools of decades ago. Pool designers have gone far in innovating and transforming the limits of an ordinary swimming pool. Perhaps you are thinking of having one of these pools whose shapes are extraordinary. Here are some modern pool types based on their shapes.

  1. Perimeter Overflow. This rectangular pool is built on the same level as the deck, but one of its sides functions like an infinity edge. It is usually built by a property’s view of the sea. When viewed from the top. It looks like a flat mirror or glass on the deck. When the wind blows, the pool water ripples and the illusion ends.
  2. Infinity. This has the timeless rectangular shape as well, but all its edges appear endless. It embodies harmony. Also known as the negative-edge or vanishing-edge pools, infinity pools sell the illusion that the pool is part of the backdrop. It seems like it is flowing over a cliff and that all the water is pouring over the vista below. In reality, the water flows over the weir wall and then into an obscured trough that brings water back to the pool.
  3. Free-form. This type of pool mimics a natural body of water, especially if it is surrounded by greenery. The edges of this pool do not have any curves at all. It resembles an oasis, a lagoon, or a water refuge, completely surrounded by Nature.
  4. Geometric. These pools are known for their sharp aesthetics and unique geometric highlights. They are timeless works of art, adorned b spillways, fountain bubblers, overflows, and disappearing edges. If you love interior design or fashion, this is the pool for you. It is also the pool to have if your home is modern as well.

More types of pools are available based on their shapes. Discuss them with our knowledgeable pool experts at MFP Easy, so that you can have the best one for your property.

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