Types of Pool Lights you could try for your fibreglass pool

November 9, 2023

Summer sunny times and pool times are often synonymous for us. We just don’t seem to get enough of it but why should we stop at having fun just while the sun is up.
Adding a good pool lighting system not only adds to your pool’s visual appeal but also gives a little safety.

Underwater LED Lighting

With considerably more durability than other fixtures, Flush-mounted under water lights are mounted inside the pool walls. The Unlike older fixture models, these sick out less and are growing more popular by the hour.using LED lights that are not only more eco-friendly but are more efficient also adds to its charm.

Surface-Mounted Underwater LED Lighting

Essentially the same thing,the only thing making it different is that they are not flush-mounted.Also, this quality makes them easier to install and also creates a stronger lighting effect.

Garden Lighting

Pool lighting is crucial but you can’t ignore the landscape it’s built in. If you wish to enjoy a scenic view while swimming or simply want your pool area to look lavish, you have to install a good garden lighting system as well.

Feature Lighting

Have a cool waterslide or a classy fountain to show off, light them up using LED or Halogen whatever suits your style; they add to the glory of a specific area of your pool and are a good addition to your pool’s charm.