Using Contrast Therapy With Plunge Pools

November 10, 2023

There are times when the hot water plunge pool and the cold-water plunge pool are used after working out. This is a technique known as contrast therapy. During contrast therapy, blood vessels expand (because of hot water), and muscle fibers constrict (because of cold water). When you move from a cold-water plunge pool to a hot water plunge pool, your blood circulation increases. This triggers the flush of inflammation mediators out of your muscle fibers. As this happens, the long term DOMS effects decrease and the healing process accelerates.

Trainers use cold and hot water plunge pools to create an environment designed for conditioning, revitalization, and recovery. Cold water plunge pools have a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), which the cold chiller system maintains as the therapeutic temperature. This is the ideal level of cold to hasten muscle recovery and control inflammation. Hot water plunge pools maintain 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), to relax the muscles.

Generations have been using contrast therapy to heal wounds and cure illnesses. It is all about using the healing power of temperatures and water. Alternating cold water and hot water yields more effective results than merely using ice packs and cold packs.

In contrast therapy, the basic principle is that cold can contract and heat can expand blood vessels and muscle fibers. Blood vessels open or dilate, allowing oxygenated blood to circulate through the entire body. Blood vessels constrict, accelerating the delivery of blood and nutrients to the core, into the vital organs. This repeated transfer from hot to cold water makes your blood vessels pump your nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood into all the areas of your body, while pushing out waste.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts benefit a lot from contrast therapy. If you want to experience the same level of health as they do, have our experts at MFP Easy to arrange your fibreglass pool instalation today!