What is the Best Pool Cover to Use for Your Pool?

November 11, 2023

Keeping your pool and your loved ones safe is important, which is why it’s important to have a pool cover. Your pool needs to be protected when it’s not in use, particularly during cold weather. When you purchase a pool, you also need to consider the purchase of a pool cover as well. What type of cover should you use for your pool? Here’s a closer look at some things to consider.

A Few Considerations

Before you choose your pool cover, you need to keep a few factors in mind. First, pool designs must be considered. You’ll need a cover that works with your pool design and the dimensions of your pool. Think about the purpose of your cover. Do you need a safety cover? Do you need a cover that will winterize your pool? These are important questions to think about before you begin shopping for pool covers from pool suppliers.

Types of Pool Covers

Several different types of pool covers are available, including:

  • Solar Pool Covers – The pool covers help to reduce evaporation, trapping the heat and keeping the pool water warm. This allows you to prolong the use of the swimming pool so you can enjoy it longer, even as the weather turns cooler.
  • Leaf Nets – During the summer months, leaf nets can be used to keep leaves, debris, and small branches out of your pool. They are easy to remove, but they make pool maintenance so much easier.
  • Safety Covers – Safety pool covers are designed to keep pets and children from accidentally falling into the pool. These pool covers also help keep debris out of your pool.
  • Winterising Pool Covers – When the weather turns cold, the cold weather can be problematic for your pool. A winterizing pool cover can offer heavy duty protection. Some winter pool covers come with special features, such as thermal protection, which ensures your pool water won’t freeze.

Your pool is a big investment, so you need to invest in pool covers that will protect your investment. Consider purchasing one or more of these types of pool covers, or look for a cover that offers all of these features in one cover.