Why Fibreglass Pool Community is Growing Big in Australia

November 9, 2023

Yes, I would mention the term ‘community’, as there are homes that have different types of pools installed in their backyard.

There are concrete Above-the-Ground, Vinyl Liner, Gunite and cheap plastic pools, apart from Jacuzzis and Spas. Out of all these, it is a fibreglass pool that stands out in the crowd simply because of its numerable hard wearing and eco-sustainable properties.

Today’s fibreglass pools are made corrosion resistant as they have a thin gelcoat on the surface. It helps stay non-porous for its entire lifespan, retarding the formation or accumulation of all types of bacteria and micro-allergens. Therefore, minimal use of soft detergents, chemicals, and agents in the process of cleaning.

This is how you give something back to the community in terms of healthy life and sustainable Green living. In a way, homes that have inground fibreglass pools are growing in numbers across Australia. And why not, when there are so many features accompanying one such lifestyle product that is made of pristine fibreglass and natural resin.

Homes with Fibreglass Pools are Luxury Abodes

It is a home with an inground fibreglass pool that catches the attention of friends and guests. The entire landscape gets a makeover for sure. I mean the surrounding pool deck, patio, concrete paving, lawn or garden.

There is something special about this lifestyle enhancement product. Starting from design to style, one such inground swimming pool is always a great addition to a decent-sized home.

This is how one can look forward to providing that elegant feel to a home exterior. The entire ambiance gets a soothing transformation. And homes which have one such classic as well as contemporary lifestyle products installed in its backyard, are always thought to be luxurious. But not anymore. Given the present weather scenario, a fibreglass pool is a sort of a necessity in every stand-alone home in Australia.

Now talking about the fibreglass pool community in Australia. There are houses that are either installing them new in their backyard or renovating the existing ones.

The two major factors contributing to the rapid proliferation of fibreglass pools are price and weather. Due to a gradual decline in price over the years, and due to extremes of temperature, fibreglass pools in Australia are now a common feature in residences. Barring few homes that have Concrete or Vinyl Liner swimming pools.


  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Hard-wearing & Flexible
  • Sleek Design
  • Modular Finish
  • Anti-Microbial properties
  • Anti-UV Ray properties
  • Anti-Corrosion Features
  • Initial One-Time Investment Cost
  • Requires Less Maintenance


With so many features, properties and advantages, fibreglass pools seem to outperform their competitors in many ways, viz; eco-friendliness, style, and low maintenance. Apart from these, the aspect of easy installation and transportation also holds the key.

When it comes to selecting a private swimming pool, the first choice is obviously a fiberglass produced one, due to its hard-wearing and stylish features. There are so many other properties that make one such product stand out in the crowd.

A contemporary product goes on to enhance the aesthetics of a decent looking abode, which otherwise lacks in aesthetics. More importantly, it is the aspect of heat and extreme weather that is forcing households to install them in numbers. Inground fibreglass pools are now the new buzzword and style addition to Australian homes.