Why Fibreglass Pools are Fast Becoming Necessities in Australia?

November 9, 2023

Simply because they serve the intended purpose. And how? By providing soothing relief from the harsh and unrelenting heat during the arid Australian summers. A cool splash in a private pool is what all family members desire. And what better when an inground fibreglass pool is located within the compounds of your house. Especially in the backyard.

A standard dimension lap pool has now assumed the status of necessity in Australia. Not only because of the soothing respite it provides from the heat, but also due to their excellent ‘eco-friendly’ features. Most importantly, it is the unrelenting heat and the unforgiving nature of the Australian summers that is forcing families to install one without a second thought.

Present Day Lap & Plunge Pools in Australia

Today’s fibreglass swimming pools are made to last for generations, without requiring any major maintenance. The new resin-based gel coat on the surface acts as an anti-corrosive material. It provides resistance against the formation of moss and algae, thus keeping it non-slippery throughout the year. And, when there are accessories like the auto filter and pump, your inground swimming pool ought to remain clean. This special gel coating also prevents the formation of pores, which in turn increases longevity of the product.

Australian families want to enjoy their summer weekends to the fullest. By installing a fibreglass or concrete pool, half the job is done. Though, the latter is tending to becoming less and less popular in Australia, fibreglass swimming pools are En Vogue. At the end of the day, you get to see a big smile on the face of your kids who every time want to enjoy the poolside. And that is a huge satisfaction. So, welcome the summers with open arms, and with a big heart by buying one such fibreglass product, that can help keep the summer heat at bay to some extent.

In Australia, summers are becoming harsher and harsher. Air conditioners are great provide soothing respite indoors, however when it comes to enjoying the your back yard in such heat, a swimming pool is the solution to finding some respite. You cannot stay the entire day in your house, with your air-conditioning switched on. Both health wise and budget-wise it is not feasible. You need some natural outdoor breaks, hence an inground fibreglass pool is the perfect solution.

So, what about installing one in your backyard, and give your home exteriors that exquisite vibe and appeal. It is a wonderful transformation for your abode that soothes senses. Now you can impress your guests, friends, and colleagues. And modern homeowners precisely want to be a good host. What’s holding you back?