Why Modern Homeowners are Turning to Fibreglass?

November 9, 2023

In Australia, statistics reveal that more than 63% of homeowners who are installing a new pool are opting for fibreglass made ones.

It’s not that they are blindly choosing fibreglass over other materials. In fact, there goes an extensive research, comparison and review before zeroing upon this latest swimming pool version or type. And why not, when there are so many advantages and benefits to count.

Today, a lot of Australian pool manufacturing companies have converted and revamped their assembly lines. Previously, they were manufacturing the Gunite and Vinyl liner ones. Now, it’s completely fibreglass.

Strength of Fibreglass

It’s tough and durable like no other pool material. Pool grade fibreglass is highly flexible in nature. This ensures it doesn’t crack, even in extremes of temperature. Since it can flex, temperature-related contraction or expansion does not affect the surface coating. The Gelcoat on the surface also ensures there is no corrosion or formation of pores in the long run. Considering the harsh Australian weather conditions, this is a perfect swimming pool material for individual homes. Inground fibreglass pools can easily surpass Gunite/Concrete and Vinyl liner pools in structural quality.

Some of the Other Advantages of Fibreglass Pools are:

  • Low Maintenance – Since fibreglass swimming pools have a gel coat finish on the surface, there’s no algae, moss or bacteria formation. Unlike others, it cleans itself by not allowing stain or rust marks to stay on its surface. Thus, eliminating the need for soft chemical or detergent wash, repainting job and concrete crack repair. Gunite swimming pools require all of the above-mentioned maintenance activities. Therefore, the monthly or yearly cost of maintenance comes down considerably.
  • Low Chemical Footprints – Unlike Concrete and Gunite pools that require extensive chemical wash due to their rough and porous surface, fibreglass doesn’t need any. The smooth surface does not allow to alter the water chemistry and resists the formation of pores. So, very less of pool grade chemicals are required to clean it periodically. Due to the smooth Gelcoat surface, pumps only run for a couple of hours per day. Thus, saving on your electricity bill.
  • Installation Time – Since fibreglass swimming pools come in a pre-built mode, direct from the manufacturing unit or plant, it considerably reduces the installation time. Compared to Gunite or Vinyl liner pools which take months to install, the fibreglass pools can be installed within a short span of 7-8 days.
  • Compatibility – Fibreglass pools are 100% compatible with chlorinators and freshwater systems. Whatever the choice of system may be, they are compatible with all sorts of poolside accessories that are required to maintain a pool. So, no hassles and worries.
  • Lifetime Warranty – When buying an inground fibreglass pool, always ask if there is a lifetime warranty on the product sold. This would ensure peace of mind. Not many inground pool builders in Australia offer such extended support. So, go for a quick comparison online, before selecting one.


In a way, fibreglass inground pools are far ahead of its competitors in every aspect. It would be a wise decision to buy a fibreglass swimming pool for installation at your home. I don’t know about commercial establishments. They are sleek, modern, lightweight, compact, durable and hard-wearing in nature. Initial investment may be on the higher end, but worth every single penny spent in the long run. So, install one at your home now, before summer really sets in.