Why You May Say Yes to Swim-up Bars

November 10, 2023

Many homeowners use their pools to entertain family and friends. Having a pool space for this purpose is convenient and fashionable. Imagine adding more sophistication to your pool party, without even leaving the water. For this purpose, a swim-up bar does the job right.

Below are some of the advantages in having your very own swim-up bar:

  • You can add more extra features. The most basic swim-up bar only has small counters for serving drinks and snacks. Add your own style by having a tanning ledge, a big LED-TV, or even a sound system. Make it a complete entertainment hub for your water-loving guests. With a custom-made swim-up bar, what more could you ask for?
  • You save more space. If you make the area for eating and drinking and the area for swimming, just one place, you save a lot of space. All the extra space could then be used for other land-based activities such as bonfires. Add cup holders along the sides of the counters of submerged seats and you can have order among the kids and adults. The swimmers could just swim toward their drinks and the bartender could refill their cups easily.
  • Encourages the kids to swim more. With computer games and social media, it can be a challenge to persuade young people to step outside and enjoy the day. Swimming is a good way to do this. At the same time, they get to exercise and have fun in the water. It helps if they have ready snacks and drinks at the swim-up bar and TV to entertain them.
  • Attracts more guests. With a swim-up bar, you can host pool parties easily. It doesn’t even matter if the pool is big or small. Once guests receive our invitation, they will surely attend the party. Socializing, drinking, and eating in the pool gives everyone the chance to socialize. If the counters of your swim-up bar can be raised or lowered, guests could either sit on the submerged seats or just swim up for easier access to food and drinks.
  • Makes your backyard feel like a resort. When your schedule is always packed, it is difficult to have time to unwind. A prestigious resort tends to have swim-up bars that make it easier for busy people to enjoy their swim time. There is nothing like calm waters with a drink and some food waiting at the swim-up bar anytime.

A swim-up bar is a convenient, entertaining way to make your pool sessions stress-free. Talk to your pool builder and have a swim-up bar installed. Taking this next step of pool ownership can very well change your life.