Your Very Own Backyard Infinity Pool

November 10, 2023

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an infinity pool in your property? Also called infinity edge, negative edge, and disappearing edge pools, infinity pools are one of the most attractive pools on the market today.

An infinity pool has one edge that seems to be part of the landscape. It is as if the pool is part of the view that surrounds the property. The infinity pool’s water flows toward the edge, over it, and into a holding tank below. The infinity pool has gained popularity recently. Many luxury resorts all over the world have feature infinity pools as one of their luxurious features. Of course, you can bring home that appealing and boundless feeling, with a special fiberglass infinity pool.

A slope for your infinity pool

An infinity pool doesn’t have to be installed on your rooftop or your second-floor deck. All you need is a sloping ground to create that illusion of an unending flow of water. Below the main pool, there is a holding pool that pumps the water back into the main pool. When you look down from the elevated main pool, it creates the infinity edge effect.

Installing an infinity pool in your yard is not as easy installing a regular inground swimming pool. Infinity pools are unique. They are completely above the ground, so they should have a more secure support system. It is necessary to provide a stable support, especially in an uneven terrain. Rib-like support structures enable infinity pools to be erected safely on sloping grounds.

Installing your infinity pool

You must work with a reputable pool engineer to assess the durability its support mechanism and the efficiency of its hydraulics. Infinity pools are usually installed in difficult areas such as a sloping terrain. Thanks to the latest technological improvements, installing an infinity pool is possible. The installer may need to cut away pieces of the sloped area to create the effect of the disappearing edge.

Find the right pool installer. Try to look for an experienced pool company that specializes in unique or custom pools. Expect a fibreglass infinity pool installation to cost more than a regular inground pool installation. It would be worth every penny because of the joy and amazement your friends and family will have, once they take a dip in your infinity pool.

Do you have more questions about infinity fibreglass pools? Feel free to reach out to our experts at MFP Easy.

Have a great time swimming in a luxurious fiberglass infinity pool in the privacy of your own backyard.