Benefits of Choosing a Fibreglass Pool

November 11, 2023

While a traditional swimming pool has some appeal, fibreglass pools offer quite a few benefits to the homeowner. This includes the fact that when you install a new fibreglass pool in Australia, it can be installed in just a few days. In comparison, a traditional pool takes several weeks with a professional installation.

Because of the material that is used in fibreglass pools, you have less maintenance to worry about. The strong composite, you don’t have to worry about holes and other damage to the pool. Best of all, they don’t need to be resurfaced or repaired, nor will you experience annoying hairline fracturing that plagues traditional pools. That means as long as you maintain the water properly, you won’t have to worry about doing anything above and beyond on the pool.

Fibreglass pools are equally unique, in the fact that they aren’t as impacted by chemicals as a concrete pool is. With traditional pools, you have alkaline bases that adjust the PH levels. Fibreglass is inert, so it does not have any kind of reaction to the chemicals that are used. Since you reduce chemical use, your cost to maintain the poll begins to decrease. These pools also need less circulation to stay clean, so you can have an economical pool pump attached to them to further save on the electricity costs of your home.

Algae and other aquatic growth isn’t a problem in these pools. The fibreglass pool walls will prevent algae from growing in the pool and cleaning the edges is as simple as using appropriate pool cleaning tools. It’s quick to clean and you’ll always have beautiful water that sparkles underneath the Australian sun.

If you’re interested in owning a quality fibreglass pool in Australia, contact us today. We can help you to determine the best size to fit your needs and to ensure that the pool is properly set up in your yard.