The best way to keep your Pool Clean

November 11, 2023

Everyone knows that there is some hard work involved in keeping your pool clean, particularly inground pools. Pool owners can take heart in knowing that there are ways to make your swimming pool maintenance easier. While the work can never be entirely eliminated (unless your hire a pool cleaning company), a few simple tips can minimize the work involved with keeping a clean pool.

Keep your Pool Chemicals Balanced

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your pool water take on that telltale greenish tinge. Keeping your chlorine at ideal levels is the first step, but many pool owners overlook the pH levels. A large percentage of pool owners aren’t aware that the chlorine won’t work in pH levels are too low.

Use a Pool Cover

Aside from chemicals, this is probably the single, most useful tool for keeping your swimming pool clean. The cover prevents bugs, leaves, and other debris from getting into the pool when it isn’t in use. Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, your neighbor’s trees will kindly lend you some of their leaves the moment the pool is uncovered. Cover your pool faithfully each night because the amount of debris that can get into your pool in just a few hours is astounding.

Skim your Pool after each Use

A skimmer net is a pool owner’s best weapon against dirt and debris. When the pool is uncovered, bugs, leaves, and dirt getting into the pool is nearly unavoidable. Keep a skimmer net by the pool to skim out this debris as it gets into the pool to prevent it from being drawn into the filters. Empty the surface skimmer basket after each use as well. Any missed particles will usually be drawn into the basket and it can become clogged. This prevents the pump and filter from doing their job. Pumps and filters can be costly to replace, especially for large or inground swimming pools. Pool suppliers can often suggest the right replacement pump, but preventing the need is always the best option.

In short, the best way to keep your swimming pool clean is by being diligent in your maintenance. Clean your pool thoroughly at least once a week (depending on its use). A thorough cleaning includes vacuuming, brushing the sides to loosen any buildup, and keeping your filters and skimmers clean. Most pool suppliers Northern Rivers can help you choose the right tools for cleaning.  Although every pool owner has experienced problems that were beyond their control, simple maintenance and regular cleaning should keep your pool sparkling clean and ready for fun all summer long.