Quick tips for fibreglass pool installation

November 11, 2023

Don’t Let These Hidden Things Take You By Surprise with your Fibreglass Pool

There is more to a fibreglass pool than digging a hole, sticking it into the ground, and filling it with water. If things were that simple, there wouldn’t be a need for installation professionals. Unfortunately, there are dozens of a number of things that people don’t take into account when they are installing their new pool.

The first is not all contractors will include the electrical hook-up in a standard package. It is critical you review your contract and have this included. With that, you want the filter as close to the house as possible, to reduce installation costs.

Also know what you are having your fiberglass pool installed on. The truth is that not every pool contractor will use a concrete pad. Many use plastic options that may break down over the course of time. When having the contractor install in the area, make sure they understand the bonding requirements that are in place for fibreglass pools also. This is a term that deals with the voltage of the pool. If the contractor doesn’t understand this term, be wary as you can get zapped when handling something as simple as a handrail.

The pool coping material between the pool and the patio is also important. You want a quality selection that ensures that there is a seamless tie in and that the pool doesn’t shift or settle. You may want to consider including pavers with this to add to the appearance and to ensure that things do appear slightly more uniform.

Finally, make sure you are financially aware of how much it will cost to install a pool. This isn’t to discourage you, rather it allows you to budget your finances. Many pools hold 1,000 gallons of water and will require chemicals and electricity to operate it. Make sure when you are planning the installation that you take this into account. That way, you aren’t left with any surprises when you get your utility bills after the first month.