Love Your Pool? Keep it Clean

November 11, 2023

You’ve installed a fiberglass pool and have been enjoying it over the summer. Your outdoor area has become the centre of your home entertainment, and a place to relax and reflect. Of course you never want this to end, and with a fiberglass pool, it doesn’t have to. Fibreglass pool installations will last for decades, providing you take care to perform adequate maintenance. One of the simplest and most necessary forms of maintenance, is pool cleaning.

You don’t always have to bring in a professional to clean fiberglass pools. With a little bit of regular maintenance, you can ensure your pool remains healthy, clean, and ready for your family and friends, all summer long.

Maintain Your PH and Chlorine Levels

The Australian summer is the perfect time to be around the pool, but warmer temperatures can also facilitate algae growth. Maintaining the chemical balance of your pool water is your first line of defence against algae and other contaminants. Using testing strips, ensure that your PH level, Chlorine, Alkalinity and Chlorine Stabiliser levels are all within recommended guidelines.

Clean ‘Bath Ring’ Grime Stains

Even if you do your best to keep your pool clean with chemicals and regular maintenance, you may notice a grimy ring develop around the waterline. Fiberglass pools are extremely easy to clean, and because they’re durable, you don’t have to worry about damaging the pool wall. Use a large scrubbing brush, or you could even purchase a specialised brush on a telescopic pole that is designed for pool wall cleaning. Removing grime from the walls will prevent further build-up, and will keep your pool looking presentable.

Vacuum Your Pool

Leaves and debris will build up on the bottom of your pool, even after a couple of days of not using it. Objects can disintegrate and dirty the water or even clog filtration systems. Inspect your pool visually, daily. Vacuum it as necessary, or at least twice per week.

Run Your Filter Often

Newer pool installations often include variable speed filtration systems which can run frequently, with minimal energy usage. Run your filter as often as you can. This will keep the water clean, and will also prevent algae growth.

Fiberglass pools can be easier for homeowners to maintain than lined or poured concrete installations. If you’re loving your pool this summer, don’t forget to keep it in pristine condition, with inviting, crystal clear water.