Taking the chill off with a solar pool cover for your pool

November 11, 2023

If one of the biggest costs with your pool is keeping it heated to a comfortable temperature, you might want to investigate solar pool covers for your pool. Learning how a solar cover can help reduce maintenance costs for a pool will help in deciding whether to buy one or not.

Every pool loses heat during the course of the day. Evaporation accounts for 75% of that heat loss. To greatly reduce this loss, a barrier is needed between the water and air. Using a solar pool cover could save as much as 70% on the heating costs you are now paying to keep your pool heated. You could also benefit because you will need to replace less water since you will not be losing as much from evaporation.

Not only will the solar cover keep the water from losing heat so your heater doesn’t have to work as hard but it could help distribute the heat more evenly so there are fewer cold spots. Your morning swim may be more pleasant as well when the cover is kept on overnight. Less heat will be lost during the night so the water will not be as chilly as it normally would be in the morning before the sun and heating system have had a chance to bring it back up.

Solar pool covers for your pool look much like the bubble wrap used to wrap breakables in for shipping but it is much thicker. It is also designed to better withstand the rays of the sun. It will last longer as well. A solar pool cover does deteriorate slowly but a good quality cover will last up to three years. You will know it is time to replace your solar pool cover when you notice flaking and bubbles starting to fall off.

Using solar pool covers for your pool makes it easier to enjoy your pool without having to spend quite as much in the process. Give your pool supplier or swimming pool builder a call to learn how a solar pool cover might benefit you.