Tips for Landscaping Around Your Fibreglass Pool

November 10, 2023

So you’ve found the right fibreglass pool dealer, your pool is in the ground and ready to go. Your pool will quickly become the focal point of the entire back yard. No matter what else is in your yard, the pool will most likely attract the most attention. That being said, you can either have a stark looking pool that is merely a piece of equipment or an inviting area that enhances the beauty of your entire outdoor space.

Landscape in Rings

Pretend that your pool is the bullseye at the center of a target (even if your pool isn’t round) and work outward. For above ground pools, use taller plants or features right next to the pool and use slightly shorter plants for each consecutive ring. One example would be shrubs or ornamental grasses next to the pool and then consistently shorter plants as you work outward.

For in ground pools, the first ring would most likely be the concrete patio or border that surrounds the pool and plants of differing heights may be used depending on the amount of privacy you want.

Use Rocks in your Landscape Design

Even if your pool isn’t natural stone, rocks can make lovely landscaping accents. Using actual stones can be costly because in most cases they must be hauled in and set, but there are an ever growing variety of artificial pool boulder systems available today. Artificial stones are much more adaptable and your choices are much broader than with natural stone.

Water Features

The sight and sound of water falling can give your pool the illusion of a tropical escape. With an in ground pool, the water feature can be built right into the pool itself with little extra effort. If you have an above ground pool, adding a water feature to the pool itself may present challenges, but it can be done. An easier way to add the beauty of a water feature to above ground pools is by adding a slide or simply placing a relaxing fountain somewhere in the landscaping surrounding the pool. Fountains needn’t be expensive to be beautiful and most home and garden stores have a large selection at reasonable prices.

Landscaping around your pool is a matter of space, personal preference, and budget. Whether you simply add a few colorful flowers or pull out all the stops and completely remake your back yard, landscaping around your pool will transform a simple, utilitarian feature into a private back yard retreat.

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