Few Variations in Swimming Pools – An Australian Perspective

November 9, 2023

Swimming pools have now become indispensable ‘lifestyle products’ for a good number of Australian households.

It is all due to an abnormal rise in the Mercury levels for almost 5-6 consecutive years, or even more. I guess the pool builders and installers are thankful to the El-Nino effect for sure. It is like a blessing in disguise for them. This is quite evident from the new records that are created every year at weather stations across the country. This has prompted residences to install inground swimming pools in their backyard, to beat the summer heat in style. Today, a proud homeowner can choose from a myriad of designs and styles, when it comes to buying a swimming pool in Australia. Mostly, the pre-fabricated inground fibreglass pools are preferred. There are reasons for it which I have mentioned in my previous blogs. Today, this article delves into the different types of swimming pools that are available for sale across the board.

Predominantly, there are 4 Different Types of Residential Pools:

Fibreglass Pools

This is the most popular among new homes and homeowners. Simply because it’s available in one-piece shell, and comes in every thought about size, style, and dimension. And among them, the inground ones are preferred for their sleek design, robust mold and compact looks. They can be easily transported on trucks and just laid down in the excavated area of the ground. Inground fibreglass pools are easy to maintain and install. And since they have a gel coat on the surface, it makes them non-porous. This ensures long product life, without having to worry about algae, iron sediments and moss formation. In the present times, fibreglass pools have exceptional properties such as ‘antimicrobial’ which prevents the formation of bacteria, as well as anti-UV rays which helps retain the original colour and shine. And what’s more, the installation process is easy.

Concrete Pools

They can be customised according to the needs of homes, and space availability. Residences with a limited amount of space and budget, choose the concrete ones. A homeowner can place it virtually anywhere and have a say on the depth, length, width, and size. You can either place tiles on the surface or just keep it cement polished, coated with paint. Here, steel is used for reinforcement which increases the life-span of one such lap or plunge pool. It can be both above-the-ground or inground swimming pools. Concrete is, therefore, one of the choicest materials for pool building across Australia and New Zealand.

Vinyl Liner Pools

This is one of the most cost-effective options in the area of designer pools. The Vinyl lining can be customised to suit your space and size requirements. This type of pool can have concrete, plastic-based fibreglass or steel frames for additional strength. The Vinyl walls are supported from behind so that they do not succumb to the huge pressure of the pool water. The bottom of one such pool has sand as the base material, that sets it perfectly on the ground. Vinyl pools are very flexible in nature, unlike the concrete ones which are susceptible to cracks and colour fading.

Gunite Pools

If you prefer versatility and durability over style, Gunite is the choice of material to build a lasting swimming pool. It is better than conventional concrete pools, as it can be given any shape with relative ease. This building material is exceptionally durable, thus swimming pool made from Gunite last for years and generations with a bit of plaster coating. You can give an array of unique shapes with this versatile building material. Customisation is at its best when it comes to Gunite swimming pools, as you can create step waterfall and gliding slides with this building material. It is the flexibility of Gunite which sets it apart.

I hope the information provided in the article serves your purpose of choosing a swimming pool for installation at home. It considers the choice of materials, style, affordability, and durability. You can make a comparison of the various aspects and thereafter take a buying decision. You are also requested to go through the customer reviews about a certain company or brand. It’s time to chill out in style, this summer.