Which pool pump speed is best

November 11, 2023

Pool pumps are essential for your pool. They help to filter our debris and reduce the growth of algae and other concerns by keeping the water moving. But with so many different speed options on the market, it can be a struggle to find the one that’s right for you. So should you choose a variable speed or how about a one speed or two speed?

Single Speed Pumps Aren’t the Answer

A single speed pump isn’t the right choice for pool owners. When you consider the size of inground pools homeowners will have difficulty finding an energy effective solution from a single pump. Many single speed pumps operate at a higher than necessary level and cost you more in the long run.

Two Speed Pumps are Another Choice

For inground pools owners might consider a two speed pump. These use an induction motor that allows for a low and high speed setting. The lower speed is ideal for those who run their pump constantly, while a high speed may be used for shorter durations and during pool cleaning.

Variable Speed Motors are the Smarter Choice

Regardless of your pool size, variable speed motors are perhaps the smartest way to go. They work with all pool designs and allow an individual to select an exact flow for their pool. In this case, you want to choose the slowest circulation for the pool that allows you to keep it clean and looking amazing.

Variable speeds allow you also reduce friction and operate more effectively. The ideal speed for your individual pool will depend on the number of gallons it holds and overall space of the pool. The pool builder you work with will provide you guidance on the right speed for you and help you to set up this pool pump to work at the highest level of efficiency possible.

Owning a pool is an incredible opportunity, as it will provide you with relaxation and comfort. Just make sure you care for it and it’ll remain crystal clear for years to come.