Why many still choose chlorinated pools

November 10, 2023

Chlorinated fibreglass pools are preferred by many pool owners. Chlorine, as a synthetic chemical has been proven to be efficient in killing algae and bacteria. It is quick in getting rid of the contaminants. Pool owners just shock their pools with chlorine to get back the pristine, sanitized water, in which they want to swim.

Contamination in the pool can happen in several ways. For an outdoor pool, contaminants can be caused by humans or environmental (debris, dust, unclean water, and rain that has spores of algae). For an indoor pool, the contaminants are cosmetics, urine, sweat, saliva, and other unmentionable substances.

It is vital for pool water to be cleaned and sanitized so that you can maintain proper hygiene. Because of this, most pool owners subject their pool water to water chlorination.

This is process that involves the addition of chlorine solution to the existing pool water. Chlorine then breaks down into chemical compounds such as hypochlorite ions and (HOCL) hypochlorous acid. Chlorine’s cleansing potential should be maximized. The ideal way to do this is to maintain the pool water’s pH at 7.4.

Chlorine, in the form of hypochlorite ions or hypochlorous acid, cleanses the pool water by targeting the lipids in the cell walls of microorganisms such as bacteria. It also damages the enzymes and structures in the cells of bacteria, making them completely nontoxic. Chlorine wipes out germs in the pool water, so that you can swim in it without worry.

Yes, chlorine does help decontaminate water, but using it has some drawbacks.

  • One cannot ignore the distinct smell which can be irritating to some.
  • Chlorine has also been known to cause itchiness.
  • Swimsuits fade earlier than expected when you swim in a chlorinated pool.
  • It’s the hypochlorite ions that stick to the fabric. If it is not washed off immediately, it makes the design fade.
  • At levels above normal, chlorine can cause detrimental health issues such as breathing problems.

Despite its setbacks, many pool owners still choose chlorine in treating their pool. If you want to join their club, just make sure you regulate your pool’s chlorine levels. For more information please speak to your local pool maintenance shop, they are generally more than happy to assist.