Landscaping Tips For Your Fibreglass Pool

November 10, 2023

Looking at your newly installed fibreglass pool now against your backyard, you realize that it seems a bit bare. The pool builders have done an amazing job of installing your inground fibreglass swimming pool but something seems to be missing.

Your pool can very well be the centrepiece of your yard if landscaped properly. It needs accessories to highlight and make the pool more attractive, enough to be an attractive sanctuary.

Here are some ideas for landscaping around your fibreglass pool:

  • Consider ringed landscapes. Your fibreglass pool is the centre of this layout. Have the bushes or taller plants positioned to form rings around it. Use smaller plants on the ring nearest to your pool. These rings of plants bring an aesthetic appeal to your fibreglass pool. They also provide you with the privacy that you may want.
  • Use water features. We all want a tropical escape in our backyard. That is why you got yourself a fibreglass pool. You want a refuge and a place of relaxation. You can easily achieve this for your pool by installing a water feature. You can also add more fun by adding a slide or a fountain.
  • Add more rocks. It’s alright to add natural stone to your pool. Stones can be a bit costly, but they can serve as beautiful accents. An worthy alternative is to opt for artificial stones, which can fit better to your theme or around the perimeter of your pool and are generally broader and much lighter.
  • Make use of potted plants. Potted plants, placed strategically around your pool, can turn your poolside into an inviting space. They are portable, and they can come in various sizes and colors. Here are some pointers on how you can use potted plants around your pool:
    • Place the potted plants beside gates or doors; at the end of benches around the pool. Potted plants can give your poolside space continuity and symmetry.
    • Position the potted plants on stands to add more dimension to your poolside landscaping.
    • Put potted plants of different heights, colours, and sizes. This provides the appearance of a flower and leaf bed.
      *** Take note that potted plants need more frequent watering than those that are planted in solid ground.

For more information about poolside landscaping contact your local landscaping professional, show them photos of what you want, take their advice. Nothing is more satisfying than having beautiful pool landscaping around your brand new fibreglass swimming pool.