Why the PH Level Matters

November 11, 2023

If you have recently installed your pool, or even if you’re just working through the planning stages, you would have already come across plenty of advice on pool cleaning. Keeping your pool clean is not just a way to make your fiberglass pool look presentable and inviting, but is also a way to ensure that your pool is healthy and safe. Dangerous organisms like E.coli and cryptosporidium will thrive in a poorly maintained pool, compromising the health of your family and visitors. If you want to ensure that your pool is safe, you will make sure it is always chlorinated, and that the PH level is kept in balance.

You may have already wondered why the PH level in your pool is so important. Simply chlorinating your pool and adding treatments is not enough. Too much of a certain chemical could irritate skin and make for an unpleasant swimming experience. Not enough, and the chemicals won’t be able to do their jobs to make your pool safe and clean. Likewise, the PH level is hugely important, because it determines how effective the chlorine will be at making your pool safe.

When you add chlorine to your pool, a chemical reaction occurs. The chlorine begins to break down and different chemicals are released. Most important for your pool, are the chemicals called hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid. These two chemicals perform the critical task of killing microorganisms in the water. If your PH level is not within the ideal range, the chemical reaction will be stunted and the chemicals won’t be released in sufficient levels. Get the balance right, and not only will your pool be safer, but it will also be easier to clean, as organisms won’t be able to multiply and cause a build-up of grime on your fiberglass pool floor and walls.

So what’s the magic number that you want to see on your PH pool strip test? 7.4 is the absolute optimum PH level, but it can be difficult to achieve in the real world. A more realistic window between PH 7.0 and 8.0 is recommended, and you should always aim to maintain this in your own pool.

The small amount of time that you spend on cleaning and maintaining your fiberglass pool, is absolutely priceless when you consider that it will not only help you to enjoy your pool throughout the summer, but it will ensure that everyone is safe from illness-causing organisms.