Australian Homes Fibreglass Pool Investment

Are Fibreglass Pools a Great Investment Idea for Residences?

Certainly Yes! Considering the intensity of heat every passing year, fibreglass pools are a mandatory investment for all average salary earning homes in Australia. There is a huge demand for these products across the nation. Simply, to get some respite from the scorching sun during the blazing summer months of November-January. And this is probably […]

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Milan Fibreglass Pool Design

Inground Fibreglass Pools – From the Perspective of Homes & Hotels

In Australia, not just individual homes, small to midsize hotels have also shown considerable interest in installing the latest inground fibreglass swimming pools in their backyard. It is not that they did not have swimming pools installed. Simply, by replacing their existing Vinyl coated or concrete ‘above-the-ground’ ones, the premium/budget hotels wants to portray an […]

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Imperial Pool Design

Why Modern Homeowners are Turning to Fibreglass?

In Australia, statistics reveal that more than 63% of homeowners who are installing a new pool are opting for fibreglass made ones. It’s not that they are blindly choosing fibreglass over other materials. In fact, there goes an extensive research, comparison and review before zeroing upon this latest swimming pool version or type. And why […]

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In-Ground Fibreglass Pool In Backyard

Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pools – A Necessity in Australia

In Australia, private lap swimming pools are now a necessary addition to homes, considering the intense nature of heat during the summers. They are now part of the lifestyle of almost all average Australian residences. It is not just swimming pools; Spas and Jacuzzis are also hugely popular among small residences. But it is a […]

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Fibreglass Pool Installation

Fibreglass Pool Installation in Australia – Pros and Cons

What seems to be a very easy task from a layman's point of view, is quite complex, time-consuming and cumbersome activity. It not just digging the ground and lowering the swimming pool in the cavity. It all depends upon the expertise and professionalism of the installer. And Australia has some of the most reputable fibreglass […]

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Eco Friendly Fibreglass Pool

Eco-Friendly Pool is the Buzzword Among New Australian Homes

Sounds interesting right! And why not, when the world is going “Eco-Friendly” to reduce carbon footprints, then how can the fibreglass pool industry be left behind. Australian pool manufacturers are building ‘natural’ pools to make the lives of individuals healthier and safer. By the term ‘natural’, I mean swimming pools that are self-sustainable in every […]

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Fibreglass Pool

In-ground Fibreglass Pools versus Above-Ground Pools – An Overview

Come summer, there’s an urgent need felt to get a swimming pool installed in a home backyard. In Australia, it is no longer a luxury to have a lifestyle enhancement product like a private pool, or for that matter, an Italian Jacuzzi. Rather, it is a necessity considering the ‘record-breaking’ heatwave, every passing year. As […]

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Family enjoying pooltime

A Quick Basic Pool Type Comparison

A pool is a long term investment that could increase the value of your property over time. Apart from the basic reasons of aesthetics and swimming, a swimming pool serves greater purposes. To reap all the benefits a good backyard pool can provide to you, it’s imperative to pick one that suits you best. Here’s […]

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child shivering in a pool

Figuring out the perfect pool temperature for you

While in some cases it’s obvious like needing a cool splash in scorching heat and a warm bath in winters, there’s a bit of preference involved in this decision as well. How do you decide which temperature feels perfect to you and your family? Especially when there’s a lot of contradiction between multiple researchers’ thoughts […]

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