Family enjoying pooltime

Above ground pools Vs Inground pools

A pool is a long term investment that could increase the value of your property over time. Apart from the basic reasons of aesthetics and swimming, a swimming pool serves greater purposes. To reap all the benefits a good backyard pool can provide to you, it’s imperative to pick one that suits you best. Here’s […]

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kid jumping in the pool


The symbol of modern day luxury, an exquisite and tasteful inground pool. Inground pools are a symbol of luxury. An inground pool is often associated with luxurious night swims or girls sunbathing along the pool. But not everything is as it seems. There are a few things people should know about inground pools, some of […]

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child shivering in a pool

Figuring out the perfect pool temperature for you

While in some cases it’s obvious like needing a cool splash in scorching heat and a warm bath in winters, there’s a bit of preference involved in this decision as well. How do you decide which temperature feels perfect to you and your family? Especially when there’s a lot of contradiction between multiple researchers’ thoughts […]

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Pool additions

Special Pool Additions for special needs!

Swimming pools are fun but not everyone can enjoy them as safely as you’d want them to. From small kids to elderly people and people with mobility issues, a swim could be tricky and hazardous. Fibreglass pool installation isn’t the only thing to be on your to do list, pool safety is too. By taking […]

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Fibreglass Pool

Why Fibreglass pools are the best?

Fibreglass pools are made of the material Fibreglass as is obvious from its name but what is fibreglass in the first place. Fibreglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber, in simpler terms it’s a combination between glass and plastic giving it the smooth finish of glass and durability of plastic. Now about why fibreglass […]

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benefits of fibreglass

Fibreglass Pools – 5 Reasons they’re exactly what you need!!

Fibreglass pools are better than concrete or vinyl, why so??.. Here’s the answer,read up on the following to know more about the greatness that is Fibreglass Pool. 1.Easy to Maintain One thing that every company engaged in the swimming pool industry agrees on is how low maintenance fibreglass pools are as compared to other options […]

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fibreglass pool surrounds


There are a thousand things to consider before you make such a hefty investment but when it comes down to it, some factors effect your decision to have your own pool more than others!! Building a pool is not only the cost of building but also the maintenance and other amenities that come with it. […]

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Landscaping in backyard Fibreglass Pool

5 Reasons you should definitely own a fibreglass pool!!

Read up to know more on why you should own a backyard pool:- 1. Water is FUN! This is a no brainer but still you can’t stress enough on the fact that having a private pool in your own backyard is not only comfortable for you but is also actually more fun than going to […]

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Fibreglass Pool Water Features

Considering a Water Feature for Your Pool?

Adding water features in pools is a popular way to spice up the swimming experience. The entire pool in your backyard can turn into a personal water park for you and your family with the right water feature. It is tempting to shell out money for such an add-on, but is it worth it? Here […]

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