Family enjoying pooltime

Above ground pools Vs Inground pools

A pool is a long term investment that could increase the value of your property over time. Apart from the basic reasons of aesthetics and swimming, a swimming pool serves greater purposes. To reap all the benefits a good backyard pool can provide to you, it’s imperative to pick one that suits you best. Here’s […]

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kid jumping in the pool


The symbol of modern day luxury, an exquisite and tasteful inground pool. Inground pools are a symbol of luxury. An inground pool is often associated with luxurious night swims or girls sunbathing along the pool. But not everything is as it seems. There are a few things people should know about inground pools, some of […]

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Eco-friendly pool

How to go green with your pool: ways to go eco friendly

By green pool, we don’t mean pools with gross algae or water plants. Here we’re going to talk about some eco-friendly tips you can follow to have a green pool. Modern lifestyle does nothing for the mother nature actually harming it while getting more advanced. Having a backyard fibreglass pool is a great luxury but […]

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food lying in an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen: Pool additions that are handy.

An artistic and useful addition to your swimming poolside is outdoor kitchen. If you’re one of the jovial party types, you’d definitely appreciate the ease and practicality an outdoor kitchen brings to your poolside decor. Serving and prepping food is a lot easier task to handle when it’s all in one place. Some essentials for […]

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Ideas for a raging pool party that everyone will remember!

Pool parties are a huge deal in a modern urban neighborhood and you definitely want to make a good impression when you’re the one throwing a party. Whether you’re looking for a small get together or a loud party with loads of people, here we have some cool ideas that you can pick from. Themes […]

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pool safety

Pool safety: Importance of choosing a suitable diving board

If you’re a hard core swimmer, you must have some great flips and moves up your sleeves while swimming in a pool. Obviously you’ll want a diving board for your newly installed fibreglass pool but before you go on to do so, read about the following issues regarding a diving board:- Safety Most common problem […]

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Pool side area

Adorn your pool area with these cool ideas!

A well adorned backyard in summers is one of the most wonderful getaways you can get. A poolside with a beautiful patio is the best place to kick back and relax after a few laps in the pool. There’s a sense of soothing tranquility when your pool is surrounded with complete set of chaise loungers, […]

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L-shaped pool

Advantages of L-shaped pool

A rectangular shaped pool has its own proven perks and benefits. Allowing various water depths, easy blending with common architectural styles and a sense of simple timeless beauty. Even though the simple design has its own charm, there are a few advantages to having a curve design or an L-shaped pool. Feel grand with pool […]

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stone edged pool

Decorative ideas for a NO-GRASS pool zone!!

Having a backyard fibreglass pool is a wonderful feeling, but there are several other things that you need to take care of before you start enjoying your summer baths. Grassy lawns are a thing of past with so many new vibrating ideas to follow, you don’t need to worry if your backyard isn’t accommodating grass […]

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