Serenity Fibreglass Pool Design

Inground Fibreglass Pools and its Utility at Residences in Australia

This lifestyle product in Australia has now assumed the status of a necessity. It is no longer confined to the backyards of the aristocracy but proliferated to bourgeoise homes too. This phenomenon has happened over the years. A decade or so to be precise. Today, if a decent-sized abode is dreaming about installing a fibreglass […]

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Milan Fibreglass Pool Design

Inground Fibreglass Pools – From the Perspective of Homes & Hotels

In Australia, not just individual homes, small to midsize hotels have also shown considerable interest in installing the latest inground fibreglass swimming pools in their backyard. It is not that they did not have swimming pools installed. Simply, by replacing their existing Vinyl coated or concrete ‘above-the-ground’ ones, the premium/budget hotels wants to portray an […]

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Fibreglass Pool Shape 1

Fibreglass Pool Dimension, Layout and Size

Well, it depends on 2 important factors. In Australia, Space availability and price. I guess there’s no dearth of space, barring few exceptions. And speaking about price, homes are affluent nowadays to have an inground fibreglass pool. Today, there are swimming pools in varying dimensions, size and shapes. It can easily fit a backyard of […]

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Fibreglass Pool

In-ground Fibreglass Pools versus Above-Ground Pools – An Overview

Come summer, there’s an urgent need felt to get a swimming pool installed in a home backyard. In Australia, it is no longer a luxury to have a lifestyle enhancement product like a private pool, or for that matter, an Italian Jacuzzi. Rather, it is a necessity considering the ‘record-breaking’ heatwave, every passing year. As […]

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child shivering in a pool

Figuring out the perfect pool temperature for you

While in some cases it’s obvious like needing a cool splash in scorching heat and a warm bath in winters, there’s a bit of preference involved in this decision as well. How do you decide which temperature feels perfect to you and your family? Especially when there’s a lot of contradiction between multiple researchers’ thoughts […]

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Pool Entry

Thoughts on pool entry and how to pick what works for you!

While planning a pool, a grand entrance and a safe exit must be one of the first things you should plan about. But most of the time, we are so distracted with other aspects of installing a pool that this minute detail is overlooked in favor of other bigger details like pool size, shape, type […]

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Grass surround fibreglass pool

Grass surround pools- An insight!

Unlike other posh options out there, a glass surround pool is actually elegant and much cheaper. A glass surround pool is a striking yet minimalist look and feels closer to nature than a deck fashioned out of woods, concrete or pavers. Like everything else, Grass surround pool has its fair share of pros and cons, […]

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string lights

Types of Pool Lights you could try for your fibreglass pool

Summer sunny times and pool times are often synonymous for us. We just don’t seem to get enough of it but why should we stop at having fun just while the sun is up. Adding a good pool lighting system not only adds to your pool’s visual appeal but also gives a little safety. Underwater […]

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Fibreglass Pool Water Features

Considering a Water Feature for Your Pool?

Adding water features in pools is a popular way to spice up the swimming experience. The entire pool in your backyard can turn into a personal water park for you and your family with the right water feature. It is tempting to shell out money for such an add-on, but is it worth it? Here […]

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