Serenity Fibreglass Pool Design

Inground Fibreglass Pools and its Utility at Residences in Australia

This lifestyle product in Australia has now assumed the status of a necessity. It is no longer confined to the backyards of the aristocracy but proliferated to bourgeoise homes too. This phenomenon has happened over the years. A decade or so to be precise. Today, if a decent-sized abode is dreaming about installing a fibreglass […]

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Windsor Fibreglass Pool Design

Fibreglass Swimming Pools – A Reality in Every Australian Home

Summers and pools are now synonymous terms in Australia, anywhere you go. Be it the Northern Rivers in New South Wales or Brisbane in QLD. They are installed in residences, villas, mansions, resorts and country houses in numbers. An interesting fact to note here is that existing homes that have Concrete/Gunite and Vinyl liner pools are […]

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Milan Fibreglass Pool Design

Inground Fibreglass Pools – From the Perspective of Homes & Hotels

In Australia, not just individual homes, small to midsize hotels have also shown considerable interest in installing the latest inground fibreglass swimming pools in their backyard. It is not that they did not have swimming pools installed. Simply, by replacing their existing Vinyl coated or concrete ‘above-the-ground’ ones, the premium/budget hotels wants to portray an […]

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Fibreglass Pool Shape 1

Fibreglass Pool Dimension, Layout and Size

Well, it depends on 2 important factors. In Australia, Space availability and price. I guess there’s no dearth of space, barring few exceptions. And speaking about price, homes are affluent nowadays to have an inground fibreglass pool. Today, there are swimming pools in varying dimensions, size and shapes. It can easily fit a backyard of […]

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Fibreglass Pools In Australia

Few Variations in Swimming Pools – An Australian Perspective

Swimming pools have now become indispensable ‘lifestyle products’ for a good number of Australian households. It is all due to an abnormal rise in the Mercury levels for almost 5-6 consecutive years, or even more. I guess the pool builders and installers are thankful to the El-Nino effect for sure. It is like a blessing […]

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Eco Friendly Fibreglass Pool

Eco-Friendly Pool is the Buzzword Among New Australian Homes

Sounds interesting right! And why not, when the world is going “Eco-Friendly” to reduce carbon footprints, then how can the fibreglass pool industry be left behind. Australian pool manufacturers are building ‘natural’ pools to make the lives of individuals healthier and safer. By the term ‘natural’, I mean swimming pools that are self-sustainable in every […]

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Family enjoying pooltime

A Quick Basic Pool Type Comparison

A pool is a long term investment that could increase the value of your property over time. Apart from the basic reasons of aesthetics and swimming, a swimming pool serves greater purposes. To reap all the benefits a good backyard pool can provide to you, it’s imperative to pick one that suits you best. Here’s […]

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Natural Fibreglass Swimming Pool

The Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

If you’re tired of wallowing in chemicals, each time you spend time in your pool, perhaps it’s time to make a change. An environment-friendly pool not saturated with chemicals is now possible to acquire. It is called a natural swimming pool or NSP. But how could a pool remain safe and swimmable without chemicals? What […]

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Small Fibreglass Pool

Should You Have A Spool?

A small yard is not an excuse not to have a pool. Obviously, you will not be able to have an Olympic size one, but it is still possible. All you need is a spool. Also known as a cocktail pool, this is a small swimming pool to have if you only have limited yard […]

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